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Working Better Now With Joe Rojas

Joe Rojas is the Founder and CEO of Red Sapiens, a business coaching and consulting company helping entrepreneurs thrive by exceeding their revenue goals. Joe and his team focus on helping business owners establish brand clarity and purpose by helping business owners...

Working Better Now With Larry Zogby

What do business owners do? When it comes to business ownership, one of the most frequently asked questions is what a day in the life of a business owner looks like. When we sat down with Larry Zogby, owner of RDS Same Day Delivery, it was only fitting that we ask him...

Four Ways My Assistant Elevated My Game

Four Ways My Assistant Elevated My Game

If you have done business with me, you have interacted with Jessica, who has been my assistant for six years. To say that I can’t imagine life without her would be an understatement. I am a principal in a few businesses and serve on two not-for-profit boards. Without...

How Businesses Are Using Automation To Get Ahead

How Businesses Are Using Automation To Get Ahead

Once upon a time, automation was only affordable for large businesses. Today, companies of any size can afford automation solutions for practically any part of their business. As you will read below, businesses that are using automation are doing more with less,...


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