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Incredible talent from Latin America
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Scale your team effortlessly

No extended periods of time and resources trying to hire personnel

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Remote professionals pricing

Whether you need an executive assistant or to staff up a department, WorkBetterNow’s reliable full-time and dedicated remote workforce is vetted and matched specifically to your operational needs.

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How is WorkBetterNow remote talent
transforming businesses?

Ed Bohlke

Ed Bohlke

CEO of Deserve Level Coaching

“My WBN assistant saves me a ton of time, finds things to do that are real value-adds, and has vastly exceeded my expectations. In my estimate, he’s increased my ability to train and generate revenue from other coaches by at least 25%.” 

Peter Morandi

Peter Morandi

CEO of Eastman Cooke Construction

“We are at a point where productivity has not just come to a benchmark but has exceeded it thanks to our WBN talent.” 

Julie Cruit

Julie Cruit

Managing Partner of Lotus Revenue and Brand Consultants

“I would say, three months ago I was still doing probably 70% or 80% of the client work. Whereas now, [my LATAM-based assistant] is actually able to do 60-70% of some of that client work. So, the end result is more strategic time with my clients and more business development for me as well,” 

Got questions?
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How does WorkBetterNow ensure the quality of remote professionals?
WorkBetterNow’s solid employer brand attracts over 4000 applications each month. We maintain high-quality remote professional standards through a rigorous screening process that includes multiple interviews, skills assessments, and thorough background checks. Additionally, our Success Coaches continuously monitor performance and satisfaction, ensuring consistent and high-quality service delivery to all our clients. 
What's the difference between a Remote Professional (RP) and a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

All of the talent working for our clients are referred to as Remote Professionals or WBN Professionals. We provide over 40 roles include virtual assistants and executive assistants. Learn more about the distinctions in our Related blog

Where are you located?

WBN is a completely remote US company based out of New York, but the talent we provide works remotely from their homes in Latin America.

How do you address concerns about security and protecting confidential information? 

At WorkBetterNow, we prioritize the security of your confidential information and suggest treating your Remote Professional like any other member of your remote-working team. Here are some best practices we offer:

  • Internet: Encourage the use of a VPN for encrypted internet connections and strong WiFi passwords. Consider separating the RP’s computer network from other devices. 
  • Data: Store documents and data on secure servers or cloud-based storage. Limit RP access to necessary information only. 
  • Passwords & Access: Ensure each RP has unique login credentials and encourage the use of password managers. Enforce strong password policies and consider implementing multi-factor authentication for added security. 
  • Email Security: Remind RPs to verify sender legitimacy and avoid sharing sensitive information via email. 
  • Hardware: Instruct RPs to turn off or reboot computers daily, install updates promptly, and use malware protection and antivirus software on RP computers. Use modern operating systems to mitigate security risks. 

For detailed guidelines and assistance with software or hardware setup, please refer to our Best Practices In IT Security For Your Remote Professionals. Additionally, we recommend collaborating with your MSP or IT professional to tailor these practices to your specific needs. 


Is there a contractual commitment?

There are no long term contracts, just a signed agreement.

Once you start using our services, it’s on a month-to-month basis. If you decide to end the service, simply let us know via email at or by phone at 646.576.5717. You’ll receive a refund for any part of the month you haven’t used yet.  

Are there any additional costs?


What is the monthly pricing for our remote professionals?

$2350/mo. for each full-time, dedicated assistant. Rates decrease when hiring a 3rd assistant.

How do I pay the Remote Professionals?

You will pay WorkBetterNow (WBN) on a monthly basis using the credit card information you provide. The charge for each month’s service will be processed three days before the start of the month. Once WBN receives these payments, we handle the payment to the Remote Professionals (RPs). It’s important for you to set up automatic payments to ensure the service begins without delay.

Are domestic calls included in the monthly service fee?

Yes, all calls within the United States are included.
You can also communicate with your dedicated virtual assistant through several platforms such as: Phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp, Slack and many more.

Do I need to sponsor a work visa for candidates as they are based in Latam?

No, you don’t need to sponsor a work visa for candidates since they are based in Latin America and will be working remotely. WorkBetterNow handles the employment arrangements with the Remote Professionals (RPs) in their respective countries, so there’s no need for you to manage visas or work permits.

Is it always the same Remote Professional?

Your assistant is dedicated to you and serves your company as your other employees do.

What is WorkBetterNow's vacation and paid time off policy for Remote Professionals?

At WorkBetterNow, our vacation policy is designed to support our Remote Professionals (RPs) while ensuring uninterrupted service for our clients. RPs are entitled to 5 business days off after 6 months and an additional 5 days after 1 year. They can also choose to take all 10 days at once after their first anniversary. During these periods, we provide a part-time replacement to ensure seamless operations. It’s important to note that these vacation days, along with 4 additional holidays/personal days per year, are fully paid and included in the monthly fee. To use their holidays/personal days, RPs should notify both the client and their WBN Success Coach at least one month in advance, allowing us to approve their request and maintain smooth operations during their absence. 

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 Are you looking to apply for a job with us?

Before we get started, we want to make sure:

Are you looking to apply for a job with us?