“These people have worked for Microsoft and Google, they’ve been customer success reps and they’ve been marketing assistants. They really dispelled a lot of the ideas we had about what virtual assistants are capable of.”

Heather Margolis

Founder & CEO

“The thing I was most impressed with was the fit. You guys found somebody who not only had the skills and aptitude to meet my needs, but also someone who was an absolutely fabulous fit for me.”

 Julie Cruit

Managing Partner at Lotus Revenue and Brand Consultants

“Why a WorkBetterNow virtual assistant? They are producing results, they’re smart, they’re communicative, and they’re fast.”

Joe Rojas

Founder & CEO RedSapiens

“It’s been a great experience. Every task I ask of her, research related, marketing related, or technology related, she’s been able to accomplish.”

 Steve Hoody

CEO – NOVO The Medical Weight Loss Experts



Beyond administrative skills, WBN Virtual Assistants offer more than 50 skill sets across finance, research, marketing, customer service and more.

Assistant Interviews

We select three top candidates based on our customized pairing process for your specific needs. You make your top choice before signing up.

That’s why nine times out of ten, businesses who interview our virtual assistants decide to hire one.

Dedicated For
Your Business Only

The virtual assistant you select will be dedicated to you and your business, full-time. Whether it’s scheduling, research, or a new project, they’ve got you and your team covered.

No Annual

We get it, business needs can change on the fly. That’s why we offer flexible month-to-month plans instead of locking you into an annual contract.

No Cancellation

Need to cancel? No problem. Billing stops with 5 days notice upon your request. No extra fees, no hoops to jump through, and no hard feelings.

With Your Team

Your virtual assistant is prepared to help your team with C-suite support, sales or customer service.

Get More Done Now
Find Your WorkBetterNow Virtual Assistant

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