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What Our Clients Are Saying


“These people have worked for Microsoft and Google, they’ve been customer success reps and they’ve been marketing assistants. They really dispelled a lot of the ideas we had about what virtual assistants are capable of.”

Heather Margolis

Founder & CEO


“The thing that I was the most impressed with was the fit. You guys found somebody who not only had the skills and the aptitude to meet the needs that I had for my company but also someone who was just an absolutely fabulous fit for me. I’m just blown away."

Julie Cruit

Lotus Revenue


“It took one week to have our Virtual Assistant start and she was working, getting things done from day one. Great experience, I’m recommending Work Better Now to everyone I know.”

Dr. Steve Hoody

Dr. Steve Hoody



“Why Work Better Now? Because their people are vetted, I’ve worked with them, and one of our clients actually has one of their VAs on their leadership team! That’s a big deal. They are producing results, they are smart, they are communicative, they are fast and I know that my clients can trust their information, which is a big deal.”

Dr. Steve Hoody

Joe Rojas

Red Sapiens


“I’m excited to hire more VAs because I realized how many dormant projects have been ‘sleeping’. I’ve ignited a fire by recruiting a VA and then being successful with her. I see 4 more projects that have to happen, and I need more VAs from WBN.”

Dr. Steve Hoody

Larry Zogby

RDS Delivery

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