Get Unstuck and Unleashed

Reach more clients, expand your influence, and be consistently productive, rather than busy. Work Better Now’s Virtual Assistants are specially trained to get you out of the weeds, so that you can work on your business, not in your business.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“Why Work Better Now? Because their people are vetted, I’ve worked with them, and one of our clients actually has one of their VAs on their leadership team! That’s a big deal. They are producing results, they are smart, they are communicative, they are fast and I know that my clients can trust their information, which is a big deal.”

Joe Rojas

“I’m excited to hire more VAs because I realized how many dormant projects have been ‘sleeping’. I’ve ignited a fire by recruiting a VA and then being successful with her. I see 4 more projects that have to happen, and I need more VAs from WBN.”

Larry Zogby

“We started with one person who came to us from Work Better Now, and we are really just astounded by how professional they were, the experience they had, and how good their English is. They have worked for Microsoft and Google, they’ve been customer success reps, and they’ve been marketing assistants.
You have to sort of dispel a lot of the ideas you have in your head of what a virtual assistant is capable of.”

Heather Margolis

“The thing that I was so impressed with, and that I continue to be so impressed with is, you guys did such a great job of really assessing my needs. And I didn’t have a job description. But the thing I think I was the most impressed with was the fit. You guys found somebody who not only had the skills and the aptitude to meet the needs that I had for my company but also someone who was just an absolutely fabulous fit for me. I’m just blown away.

Julie Cruit

Stay Ahead of Change

Busy Puts Your Business At Risk

On any given day, the average executive spends nearly 65% of their time on busy work and in meetings, 20% searching for information and just 15% — or 1.2 hours a day — on the meaningful and rewarding work that moves the needle. (CNBC)

Our world is changing faster than ever. Those who thrive will anticipate the changes and take strong, decisive action. They will consistently market, consistently publish, and consistently make new connections.

A New Era of Business

We Have Entered the Focus Economy


“The best investment in your own productivity, bar none, is a direct assistant, who will handle your schedule and hundreds of other small but important details that clutter up your life and mind—and when added up, cost you hours of your time.”

– Dan Sullivan, Founder, Strategic Coach

We All Have 24-Hours in a Day

Those Who Have Focus in The New World Will Thrive.

We have entered the focus economy.  Firms that survive and thrive will focus relentlessly on three activities:

  1. Keeping existing clients happy.
  2. Securing new ones.
  3. Building culture.

Work Better Now’s Virtual Assistants will help you free up time so that you can predictably and reliably reach out to clients, build your brand and build your team—no matter the climate.

Free E-Guide: How A Virtual Assistant Can Unleash Your Business

Planning Is Security

Build Your Business Development Flywheel

Every moment you spend on administrative tasks is time that could be spent publishing, meeting, making yourself visible—or simply savoring life.

It’s also directly costing you money.

Busy Work is a Direct Drain on Revenue

Most owners spend at least 25% of their time on routine office tasks such as building presentations, setting meetings, invoicing and maintaining databases. That is at least 400 hours/year.

If you are like them and happen to earn $200k/year, that is $50,000 each year down the drain.

Said another way, that is $50k worth of your time not spent on growing your business and focusing on your team.

Old Way = Busy.

Formatting presentations
Scheduling meetings
Doing invoicing
Looking for talent
Managing calendar

New Way = Productive.

Orderly database
Consistent thought leadership releases
Weekly new client meetings
Excess of opportunities
Full pipeline

Never Again Have To…

  • Schedule a meeting
  • Format a powerpoint
  • Create and collect invoices
  • Manage travel
  • Organize
  • Maintain your database
  • Maintain your CRM

Trained and Ready to Support Your Business

Fast Onboarding

They get up to speed quickly and take things off your plate rather than add.

Work In Your Time Zone

Located in Central America, full-time in your timezone. Perfect english, whip-smart, and fully capable of handling all your busy work

Direct Path to ROI

We help you identify your time wasters and offload them quickly, speeding your time to ROI.

Tech Savvy

They get up to speed quickly and take things off your plate rather than add.

"I founded Work Better Now because building my business development flywheel has been the single biggest boon to my business and my personal life. It was only once I got out of the weeds did I have the time to focus and thrive."

Rob Levin

Co-founder/Chairman, Work Better Now

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Get Ready To Thrive in the Focus Economy