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Gabriela, WBN talent

Why WorkBetterNow?

Our mission is to provide our team of Virtual Assistants with:

What about WorkBetterNow benefits

Work-life balance

Wellness benefit

Paid vacations

Maternity/paternity leave

Career development

Our Remote Professionals always come first!

Life with WorkBetterNow

Juan I

Juan I

Executive Assistant

I’m happy to share my incredible experience working with Work Better Now. From the moment I joined, I realized I was not just an employee, but a valued member of a vibrant, supportive community.

In summary, my journey has been nothing short of remarkable. I am grateful for the enriching experiences, the wonderful clients, the competitive salary, and the endless opportunities for growth. If you are seeking a workplace where your contributions are valued, I highly recommend Work Better Now.



Customer Service Representative

“WBN and my client genuinely care about the people working with them. They take tangible steps to make us feel valued and supported. They take the time and effort to get to know each one of us and truly create a warm environment for everyone to grow professionally and personally. They have my full admiration and determination to give my best.”



Executive assistant

My favorite part of working from home is spending more time with my family and dogs. I can organize my time and become more productive. WBN is a huge international family, always there for you, supporting you, and wanting the best for you.



Accounting Support

Working with WBN has surpassed my expectations. This is a team of people who truly care about you; they care about your success, your wellbeing, making sure you are happy and have the support you need day in and day out. They care for their VAs as much as they care for their clients and that makes all the difference. Everyone has a strong sense of community and is willing to lend a helping hand. 

What to expect?

Flexible hours



Fact: All of our positions are full-time, you will have a fixed designated schedule

You can't work from any setting



Fact: You can choose your setting! But you must have an appropriate working space

A client is assigned to you



Fact: Candidates can apply for all job openings until both client and prospect VA make a match! 

I can have other jobs while working at WBN



Fact: Our positions are full-time, you will be held accountable for the responsibilities and tasks assigned by your client!

Application process

Got questions?
Well, we've got answers

Do I need VA Experience?

You need to have at least 2 years of either administrative or assisting experience to be able to apply

Can I work part time?

We only offer full-time positions!

What is the wellness benefit?

After 3 months of working with us you will receive a stipend for private health insurance.

How many vacation days do I get?

After 6 months of working with us you can request 5 paid vacation days, or 10 days after a year. 

What are the computer requirements?

Processor: i3. i5. i7 Core, also AMD Ryzen 3,5,7,  latest MacOS Processor M1 or Core i5 and i7

RAM: 8 GB minimum  

Ready to unleash your potential?

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WBN talent
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