How WBN Makes Hiring Nearshore Talent Risk-Free 

Doing something new always feels like a risk, and when it’s your business, it can feel even riskier. If you’ve been thinking about hiring nearshore talent but are overwhelmed by the possible hurdles, you’re not alone, and that’s exactly why my company, WorkBetterNow, steps in to handle all the heavy lifting—meticulously pre-vetting candidates, conducting thorough reference checks, and securing emergency contacts. Our aim? To equip you and other U.S. businesses to confidently tap into the rich pool of nearshore talent, turning what could be a risky endeavor into your competitive advantage.

Why Consider Nearshore Hiring?

For many U.S. companies, particularly small businesses where labor can constitute up to 70% of operating expenses, looking overseas can provide significant cost benefits without sacrificing quality. In regions like Latin America, the lower cost of living makes professional services more affordable, and the cultural work ethic often translates into high dedication and performance. However, the process of finding and vetting these professionals can still feel risky.

Removing the Risk

At WorkBetterNow, we specialize in transforming the complexities of nearshore hiring into a simple, risk-free process:

  • Proprietary Pre-Vetting: We rigorously screen candidates, perform background checks, and conduct thorough reference calls, overcoming any language barriers in the process. Our initial training programs also help us spot any potential red flags early on.
  • Attractive to Top Talent: Our reputation and conditions make us highly attractive to the best talent in Latin America. We filter through candidates to present only the top 1% of talent to you, ensuring quality and fit.
  • Flexible and Fair Engagement Terms: With WBN, there are no placement fees or binding long-term contracts. Our process is designed to be as flexible as possible – you can engage with candidates without any upfront cost, and if you decide to hire, you pay a flat monthly fee. If at any point the fit isn’t right, you can replace the candidate or cancel the service with ease, including a refund for any unused days.
  • Ongoing support: Our continued support with a dedicated success coach ensures seamless integration and ongoing assistance. This personalized guidance helps mitigate risks by addressing any issues promptly and optimizing the performance of your remote professionals.

WorkBetterNow’s risk-free nearshore hiring process has turned countless business owners on to the potential of our Remote Professionals.

I remember saying, ‘There's no way I could do it,’ because I just couldn’t see the potential. It took some pain and struggle for me to finally give it a try, and now I wish I had done it 10 or even 15 years ago. I’ve been in business for 36 years, and throughout that time, I’ve heard many people talk about hiring outside the United States for various reasons. It never clicked for me. But now, at 58, I would advocate to anyone in your community that they have a responsibility to use their business funds to test new ideas, even if they’re skeptical. If we’re not investing in innovation, we’re in trouble.”

- Larry Zogby, RDS Same Day Delivery

Choosing WorkBetterNow for your nearshore hiring needs means partnering with a team that’s dedicated to making international hiring as straightforward and risk-free as possible. With no hidden fees, the ability to cancel at any time, and a promise of quality and dedication, you can confidently expand your team internationally. This approach not only saves on costs but also enriches your company with diverse, committed talent ready to propel your business forward.

Don’t wait until you’re in over your head—chances are, if you’re thinking about hiring, you needed someone yesterday. Book a consult with us today and discover how you can hire exceptional nearshore talent, risk-free.

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