How WBN is Integrating AI into its Company Culture

In the words of Peter H. Diamandis, MD, founder of the X PRIZE Foundation, “By the end of the decade there will be two kinds of companies: (1) Those who fully utilize AI; and (2) Those who are out of Business.”  

At WorkBetterNow, we appreciate the gravity of this statement. AI’s increasing capabilities, affordability, and accessibility will be revolutionizing many (perhaps most) industries… and soon. At the beginning of 2023, we decided that WBN has a huge opportunity to help expand our clients’ capabilities by AI enabling our remote professionals. But first, we need to embrace AI ourselves.  

Embracing AI at Our Core 

Our initiative started with a vision from Rob, my co-founder, who emphasized the importance of AI in our operational strategy. His first step was to encourage our management team to actively engage with AI tools. Every single member of our management team embraced the opportunity, and we will soon be sharing the results of their experiments as a part of our AI blog series. 

Over the first month, we held regular Zoom meetings where our team leaders shared their experiences and insights into AI utilization. 

We then opened these calls to all staff and encouraged them to share their AI experiments, and it was this collaborative approach that sparked the inception of our company-wide AI Show and Tell – an initiative that would set the stage for encouraging learning and innovation. 

Company-Wide Show-and-Tell Event 

Our AI Show and Tell has become a much-anticipated monthly event at WorkBetterNow. It’s where all team members get the opportunity to highlight their latest AI experiments and discoveries. We place a strong emphasis on the process of experimentation, valuing the learning experience over just the end results. Each month, our staff submits their AI projects, and our AI committee selects a diverse range of experiments to feature in each session. 

During the event, selected participants present their AI projects through screen sharing in a blend of live demos and presentations, emphasizing learning and outcomes. This event has become a key part of our culture, encouraging creativity and continuous innovation. 


Rewarding Experimentation  

The culmination of this event is not just in sharing knowledge but in celebrating it. We wrap up each event by handing out a WBN diploma and a monetary prize to the crowd’s favorite project. This award recognizes not just the innovative use of AI but also the embodiment of our core values: pursuit of excellence, growth mindset, and an excellent attitude. 



Building a Culture of Continuous Learning and Innovation 

We’re now bringing AI integration to our Remote Professionals (RPs). The launch of the WBN Academy is on the horizon, focusing on teaching practical AI applications, and other training courses to our RPs. This step is crucial for more than just skill development; it’s about enabling our RPs to use AI effectively to enhance the services they provide to our clients. 

You Can Do It Too! 

So, here’s the thing: if we can do it, so can you. Start by getting your team to dip their toes in AI, create spaces for sharing AI stories, encourage them to experiment, celebrate both the “losses” (which we view as steps towards success) as well as the wins, and watch the magic happen. We believe that by encouraging our team to explore and innovate, we are not just preparing for the future; we are actively shaping it. Embracing a culture that values experimentation and learning from every experience, whether a success or a setback, is key to fostering innovation and growth. 

Ready to hire a WBN remote professional? Sign up for a free a 15-minute consultation with us! 


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We are often asked about bonuses for WBN Remote Professionals (RPs) 

Most WBN clients pay bonuses to their RPs based on their performance and the exceptional cost/benefit they receive from them. Many of our clients give a bonus to their WBN professionals in the same way they do their other employees; some do it at year’s end, and some do it throughout the year. 

Below, you will discover some frequently asked questions about providing a bonus to your WBN professional(s). 

Why should I consider paying a bonus to my WBN professional(s)?  

Providing bonuses – which are at the discretion of the client- can help to:  

  • Reward performance and show appreciation for a job well done  
  • Increase morale and, therefore, productivity  
  • Improve retention  

Is it mandatory to pay a bonus to my WBN professional?  

Bonuses, while not mandatory, are suggested.  

How much of a bonus should I give?  

WBN clients give between $200 – $2000+. In several Latin American countries, it is standard to give a “13th-month bonus” equal to a month’s pay.  

How much of my bonus will go to the WBN professional?  

The entire amount of the bonus that you pay will go to the WBN professional less:  

  • 1% if paying via ACH or 
  • 3% if paying via credit card  

When should I pay a bonus?  

Clients may pay a bonus at any time. Those bonus payments will be made to the WBN professional(s) in the pay period following the payment to WBN. 

How do I go about making a bonus payment?  

Sending a bonus payment is easy. Please email us with the amount of the bonus, and we will process the payment with the payment method on file. We will add 3% used for credit card processing fees and overseas payment fees or 1% if you pay with ACH. Your WBN professional will receive it on their next payment.  

If you have any questions, please email us at  

If you’re new to the concept of hiring nearshore talent, or if you’re skeptical about it, we get it. It’s hard trying something new especially when there are plenty of preconceived notions surrounding nearshore talent that make you stick to what you know — or at least what you think you know. 

The truth is, hiring nearshore talent — skilled professionals who work remotely for a company located in a nearby region with a similar and time zone (like Latin America)  — can be the game changer you can’t afford not to make. 

Hiring the right talent is crucial for accomplishing your goals. But misconceptions about nearshore talent may have stopped you from considering this option. Let’s bust these myths once and for all so you feel confident about hiring nearshore talent.

1. Nearshore Talent Won’t Get the Work Done

The myth: Although remote work has taken off all over the world, there is an underlying concern about employees’ ability to be productive—no matter where they are. How can you trust them to get the work done, contribute to your company’s success, and be engaged employees when they aren’t just down the hall? The misconception is no different for nearshore talent, perhaps even enhanced because of the distance.

The truth: Despite advances in tech, data shows US domestic workers are increasingly less productive. But nearshore talent attracted to and qualified for in-demand positions consistently prove to be self-motivated, successful, and goal-oriented. They come ready to contribute to the success of the company, be a team player, and exude a motivated, energized attitude.

Talent providers like us at WorkBetterNow vet every single candidate for their drive, initiative, hard and soft skills, and character—and that’s after accepting only the top 2% of applicants.

2. English Proficiency is Lacking

The myth: We’ve all been there. Calling customer service for help only to be met with an outsourced representative whose English is frustratingly difficult to understand. Because of that, you believe hiring nearshore talent means getting someone with a thick accent and a scripted response to everything you say.

The truth: In most Latin American (LATAM) countries, students are taught English as a second language from an early age. Those driven to continue their education often focus on perfecting their English skills because it opens many more professional opportunities. 

Take WBN’s senior marketing manager, Gabriela Seminario for example. She started learning English in grade school in Peru, continuing through high school and on into higher education. And just as with Gabriela, each candidate at WBN is screened for their oral and written English fluency. Often, their written English is more precise than native-born speakers (just think about how many times you wanted to correct a team member’s spelling or grammar). And when it comes to accents? Just like any other regional accent, those of nearshore talents’ aren’t a hindrance to communication; they just add a little fun to the conversation.  

In fact, The majority of WorkBetterNow is run by LATAM talent, driving massive growth and consistently delivering top notch experiences for our clients. 

3. Lack of Relevant Skills or Experience

The myth: Okay, they may speak correct English. But they can’t do much else beyond virtual assistant or administrative work, right? 

The truth: There are dozens of professional roles nearshore talent are qualified to fill beyond administrative and assistant duties. Nearshore talent professionals can expertly handle marketing, logistics, accounting, project management, IT and technical support positions, and more. 

Just like your star domestic employees, these vetted professionals bring years of relevant expertise, along with the right balance of soft skills and a strong commitment to contributing to their companies’ success. We practice what we preach: Several leadership positions at WBN are masterfully fulfilled by LATAM nearshore talent.

4. Your Information Security Will Be Compromised

The myth: Allowing a nearshore professional access to your data is risky because they’re in another country. What will they do with it? Who could they share it with? Is their tech secure?

The truth: When you hire anyone new, it generally means you trust them to handle your company’s data, right? You have cybersecurity measures in place to mitigate malintent, and your employees understand best practices for keeping information safe. The same is true for nearshore professionals. When vetted and approved by trusted talent providers like WBN, they can (and should) be trusted like any other members of your organization to handle data. And especially with proven security protocols like two-factor authentication, you can rest assured that your information doesn’t get into the wrong hands, either domestically or abroad.

5. Hiring is Tough and It’s Harder to Hire From Another Country

The myth: Look, we won’t argue with you. Hiring is one of the most challenging and undesirable tasks you do as a business owner. Not only is the recruiting and hiring a hassle, but the legal red tape and onboarding? Groan. So it stands to reason that If it’s tough in the U.S., wouldn’t it be that much more complicated hiring someone in a different country?

The truth: It can be extremely complex to hire nearshore or offshore talent if you go it alone. But the good thing is, you don’t have to. WorkBetterNow does all the nitty gritty work for you. Your commitment, on the other hand, is simple: Book a consultation, interview three hand-matched candidates once (or as many times as you need), and start onboarding, all in as soon as three weeks. 

There is no red tape for you to handle when you go through a provider like WBN. There are also no visas to fill out or lengthy tax forms to decipher. In many ways, it’s easier hiring nearshore talent than it is domestic.

Nearshore Talent Isn’t Too Good To Be True. It’s Your Competitive Advantage.

Nearshore talent has much more in common with a domestic workforce than you think. So don’t let myths or preconceived notions dissuade you from considering nearshore talent as a hiring option. With the budding talent crisis you may be facing, now is the perfect time to get on board with what thousands of other small businesses are doing by hiring nearshore talent.
By partnering with a trusted nearshore talent provider, you can gain access to highly skilled, motivated professionals who will drive success for your business—without the hassle of hiring. Ready to see how nearshore talent can solve your hiring challenges? Book a 15-minute consultation to get started.

How WorkBetterNow Recognizes Its (Remote) Team

Employee engagement is a key factor in the success of an organization. Taking time to recognize employees for outstanding work helps them feel valued, and increases their motivation, enthusiasm, and sense of belonging, which improves overall productivity. 

Why Employee Recognition Matters


According to research conducted by Wakefield Research for Blueboard, a survey of 400 employed Americans revealed that 67% say they don’t always feel appreciated for their contributions at work, and 42% of respondents say their company lacks a strong culture of appreciation.

While employee recognition is important for all workers, it is particularly vital for remote employees who can feel isolated or disconnected from their colleagues. As leaders, we have to put in processes that acknowledge and celebrate employees’ efforts. When done correctly, workplace recognition can be a powerful tool for motivating and engaging employees. It not only communicates the value we place on their contributions but underscores our commitment to their success.  

The W Awards: How WorkBetterNow Recognizes Its Team 


Being a fully remote company, we realized it was especially important to implement a formal employee recognition program. So in November 2022, we rolled out the W Awardsit’s our way of recognizing employees who go the extra mile. 

Any team member can nominate a colleague for a W Award when a WorkBetterNow employee goes above and beyond their duties. They complete a W Award nomination form, which includes how the employee’s actions are consistent with our core values. We review the nomination and once approved, we move forward with granting the award. 

We announce the W Award recipients at our Monday staff meetings so that our whole team comes together to celebrate them. The awardee receives a certificate and $50 in their next paycheck. 

These awards are more than just pats on the back; they factor into our team members’ performance evaluations, and there’s no limit to how many awards someone can receive. It’s all about giving credit where it’s due, and it reminds our team of our core values and how we are using them in our everyday work.

What Our Team Says About the W Awards

Fernando, a WBN Project Coordinator, said his W Award was not about the money, but “about recognizing and appreciating other people’s efforts.” Recently, Fernando helped a client with an IT issue, even though it wasn’t part of his day-to-day job.

The award was a surprise to me, especially since I don’t tend to help my team or anyone else expecting anything in return. I am so grateful to be a part of this crew.”

-Fernando Briceño said when he received his W Award.

Alejandra, a WBN Trainer, has received a W Award twice since joining WBN. Alejandra’s awards were earned through her exceptional service, pursuit of excellence, ownership mentality, growth mindset, excellent attitude, and putting RPs first (WBN core values).

These acknowledgments have meant a lot to me. They serve as a sign that I am on the right path and where I’m meant to be,” Alejandra said, noting she “felt very happy, highly motivated, and encouraged to do best!”

- Alejandra Cantillano said.

The W Awards have been a big hit with our team because we all want to feel like the work we do matters. “I really like this program since it acknowledges, motivates, and inspires me and my fellow team members. It strongly aligns with our value of putting our talent first,” added Alejandra. 

Recognizing team members is a game-changer for retaining top talent, especially in a remote environment. It doesn’t need to be fancy or costly, and the payoffs are worth it. Just spend a moment to let your team know you appreciate the high-quality work they do and value their dedication. It goes a long way in keeping your team happy and firing on all cylinders.

Ready to build your dream remote team?  Schedule a 15-minute consultation with us! 

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Preparing Our Team for the AI-Driven Work Revolution

Most business owners I know have at least dabbled with AI, and a few are integrating AI into their company’s processes. AI’s increasing capabilities, affordability, and accessibility are driving transformation across a variety of industries. Peter H. Diamandis, MD, author of The Future Is Faster Than You Think and founder of the X PRIZE Foundation, didn’t pull any punches, writing:  

By the end of the decade there will be two kinds of companies: (1) Those who fully utilize AI; and, (2) Those who are Out of Business.”

Peter H. Diamandis, MD

AI Works For Every Business

With so many applications, AI offers us opportunities to automate tasks, make better decisions, and improve customer service, setting the stage for how we all compete in the marketplace. Our mission here at WorkBetterNow has always included expanding the capabilities of our remote professionals (RPs) and clients alike, and there is no doubt that AI is a major cornerstone in doing that.  


In order to train our RPs in AI, we needed to give it a try ourselves. This past spring, every WBN department began experimenting with AI technology. Our goal was to learn how to use AI, and now every department is utilizing AI in some capacity – and some are seeing great results, which we will start sharing shortly. 

After using AI for several months, we have a better understanding of how it works and its benefits. Now we can begin to train our RPs so they will be in the best position to help our clients leverage AI for their businesses. 

Coming Soon: The WBN Academy 

In 2024, we will be launching the WBN Academy, which will provide continuous education for our RPs. Because AI technology will significantly transform all of our businesses, AI will be a central theme of our initial continuing education programs. Our goal is to educate our RPs on how to use it with our clients in practical ways with immediate and long-term impact. Ultimately, we want to enhance our clients’ capabilities via AI.

Ready to hire a WBN remote professional? Sign up for a free 15-minute consultation!

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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Finance  in Your Organization’s Success 

Nelson Tepfer, the co-founder and CEO of ProCFO Partners, is here to revolutionize how you think about the CFO role and how it can truly transform your company. In this “Working Better Now” episode, I spoke with Nelson about how he helps organizations build their finance and accounting functions and in turn better companies. His approach is systematic, sustainable, and scalable, which facilitates the growth and goals of each company. He also shared his method for maintaining a fully remote team, and how working with a WorkBetterNow virtual assistant is helping his business.

When it comes to the financial function of a business, I asked Nelson what mistakes he sees most often 

“You’re sitting here looking at this four-page P&L, does this tell you anything about running your business? No. So let’s figure out what it is we do need to know, so we can make the decisions we have to,” Nelson responded. 

 He explained that no matter the size of a business, effective decisions are vital to its growth. Nelson indicated it comes down to two questions: “What are the decisions you need to make, and therefore, what is the insight you need to make those decisions?” 

 According to Nelson, companies should be guided by the finance and accounting function, and the information the CFO provides. Nelson said, “It’s more of what you do with that information and guiding you moving forward.” 

 Nelson also noted there are a lot of companies missing the checks and balances and processes and procedures to avoid theft. Without proper security measures in place, this creates a serious risk. He has seen horror stories and some really sad cases, and the betrayal business owners have to face can be very tough. “The things that worked when you were three people in a basement don’t work when you’re 30 people or 50 people or 100 people in an office,” he said, explaining that a lot of what he does is help organizations “grow up.”  

Like WorkBetterNow, ProCFO is a remote-only business, so we discussed how to maintain a great culture in the workplace, while also staying productive. As part of Nelson’s strategy, ProCFO assesses an individual’s fit with the culture and values of his organization, which he believes can often be more important than skill. He acknowledged it is a challenge, but stated culture has to be deliberate.  

 He said, “When your company is really small, culture is just what happens…but once you start crossing, you know, whatever number of threshold, 10, 20, 30, 40 people, culture takes on a life of its own. And unless you’re directing it, it begins to direct itself, and that can get really dangerous or really horrible for some companies when it gets out of control.” 

 To maintain the strength of the ProCFO workforce, Nelson holds weekly meetings within each region and quarterly in-person workshops. Each of these strategies helps his team continue to grow. 

“We’ve been thrilled with the WBN professional we’ve been working with. Working with [WorkBetterNow] has been incredible,” Nelson said. 

 Having had a virtual assistant (VA) in the past, Nelson indicated he chose to go with WorkBetterNow because he appreciated the recruitment approach and “hand-matching” we employ. He asserted, “Frankly, you guys knocked it out of the park…[Zaira’s] been fantastic.” Nelson explained his WorkBetterNow VA is constantly looking to do more, and in addition to filling an executive assistant role, she helps with recruiting for our organization and our clients.  

 Nelson explained the key to success with a VA is effective onboarding. He says it is crucial to effectively onboard, manage, and support a VA for them to be successful. 

 To learn more about ProCFO Partners and the work they do, visit 

 If you have been considering hiring a virtual assistant, contact WorkBetterNow to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with us! 

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If You Don’t Have An Assistant, You Are One

Business today is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. And it’s critical that business owners and executives continually assess how customer expectations, technology, customer buying habits, and marketing trends are changing. The challenge is finding the time to prioritize those high-value, high-level activities.  

Having more time in the day seems impossible—but what if we told you it’s not?  

Why You Need an Assistant 

Business owners spend nearly 65% of their time on busy work and in meetings and 20% searching for information, which only leaves 15% of their time for meaningful work. In order to reach business goals, that number (for meaningful work) should be closer to 80%. That’s why having an assistant is no longer an optional luxury, but a requirement.  

By hiring an assistant, you can take time-consuming tasks such as scheduling, bookkeeping, organizing documents, and communicating with clients or vendors off your plate and focus on growing your business. 

The best investment in your own productivity, bar none, is a direct assistant who will handle your schedule and hundreds of other small but important details that clutter up your life and mind—and when added up cost you hours of your time.”

- Dan Sullivan, Founder of Strategic Coach

Understanding these Strategic Coach principles can provide clarity about the value of an assistant and ultimately drive massive growth in your business: 

  • Unique Ability®: a combination of things that you enjoy, drive a lot of value for your business, and are fairly unique to you (things not everyone has the ability to do). These are the things you should be spending your time on.  
  • Who Not HowTM: rather than thinking about how you’re going to solve a challenge or issue, think about who you can find to solve it so you can focus on Unique Ability activities.  

The True Cost of Neglecting Your Unique Abilities 

As a business owner or executive, you should be considering the value of your time. 

For example: If you spend as little as 40% of your time on administrative activities and your salary is $200,000, that means you’re spending nearly $1,600 a week on administrative workbut you’re paying for that work with your salary and your time.

And the previous display doesn’t include the opportunity cost of what you would do with that time. Our clients tell us that the opportunity cost is often 5x the “actual” cost. Here’s what two business owners had to say about working with a WBN virtual assistant (VA):  

I would say three months ago, I was still doing probably 70 or 80% of the client work. Whereas now, [my WorkBetterNow VA] Isamarys is actually able to do 60 to 70% of some of that client work. So, the end result is more strategic time with my clients and more business development for me as well.

- Julie Cruit, Managing Partner of Lotus Revenue

[WorkBetterNow VA] Isabel has massively expanded my understanding of what someone who is highly qualified in the work of an executive assistant is capable of doing. She has enabled me be more present for my clients and business partners through better preparation, better organization, better access to information, more transparency, and faster reaction times.”

- Sir Steven Wilkinson, Founder of Good and Prosper Ltd.

Consider Nearshore Remote Talent 

Many small and mid-size businesses are feeling the effects of the talent crisis, which makes it hard to find good hires in a small local talent pool.  

Expanding your search to the nearshore talent marketplace can be a game-changer. They’re highly skilled, dedicated, and aligned to the U.S. time zone, which is a huge positive for U.S.-based businesses. They have cultural similarities and high English proficiency, can be hired at a lower cost, allow for fewer regulatory hurdles throughout the hiring process, and much more.  

What’s better than that? WorkBetterNow has fine-tuned the process of hiring remote talent and can help you hire and onboard a virtual assistant in as little as three weeks. We not only provide assistants but we’ve filled 40 different types of roles in the U.S. and Canada using our talent pool. Our thorough screening process lowers your risk of a poor hire, and our ongoing support team ensures a smooth onboarding and beyond.  

For a deeper dive into this concept, my co-founder, Rob, recently conducted a comprehensive webinar where he delved into the details. You can access the recorded session here. 

Ready to hire an assistant? Book a 15-minute consultation with us! 

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Revolutionizing Your Business Approach With EOS

I recently spoke with Eliot Wajskol, a Certified EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Implementer with EOS Worldwide. EOS is a business operating system that helps entrepreneurial organizations clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision. In fact, WorkBetterNow runs on EOS. It has been a great help, particularly with respect to how we communicate and stay on top of critical projects.

Though EOS doesn’t guarantee success, it can revolutionize your business approach and help you achieve enhanced team cohesion, measurable growth, and a more fulfilling work-life balance.


To Eliot, hi EOS is simply a way of looking at the world. It’s a set of disciplines and tools to help an organization grow and run more effectively. “But ultimately when you’re doing both more effectively it helps everyone live better lives as well,” he said. “So that’s really my triple passion: help organizations work more effectively, drive growth, but as leaders, can we also live better lives.” 

The ultimate goal of EOS is to give businesses the greatest chance to execute and deliver on what they set out to do, which requires vision and alignment. “If they can actually see where they’re trying to go, they’re truly aligned,” said Eliot. 

Success using EOS also requires constantly making progress on your vision while removing roadblocks and barriers efficiently and effectively. Add in the right processes and systems, and you’ll have a really effective way of constantly gaining traction and executing on your vision. 

“You create a working system that helps you run the business every week, every quarter, every year. That, in a nutshell, is EOS,” said Eliot.


Eliot works with organizations of all sizes, and three of the most common pain points across the board are: 


    • I’ve got a team but I don’t know that we’re all rolling in the right direction.

    • I don’t know that I have the right team.

    • If I look at the results, we just can’t seem to consistently do what it is that we set out to do.

To combat this, businesses should have a good team throughout the business (not just in leadership positions), a common language on what it means to have the right person, and the right people doing the right work. 

Teams should be radically focused on measurables that matter, identifying and tackling problems efficiently, and also have a systematic way of working—similar to a heartbeat. 

“What clients are beginning to find is that they’re achieving the growth goals that they have set out to do. There’s no magic dust. They’re doing the work, but they’re more easily getting to the goals that they set out to do. Whether it’s revenue, whether it’s growth, whether it’s just creating the right company culture, the goals that they set for themselves, they’re achieving,” said Eliot.

Perhaps more importantly, leaders’ personal lives improve as well. “They’re living better lives because they feel that they’ve created more of a self-managing organization where the people below them are doing the work and they are where they truly belong in their unique abilities and so are their team members.”


Eliot typically works with clients for a couple of years, with the ultimate goal of stepping away eventually. His core team is himself and his WBN virtual assistant, Nolene Charles, who tackles many foundational tasks, including:


    • Calendar management, including scheduling client sessions and workshops

    • Coordinating clients, both for in-person events and virtual Zoom meetings

    • Email correspondence and managing Eliot’s inbox

    • Assisting with marketing tasks and initiatives

    • Managing logistics for events, workshops, and client interactions

    • Maintaining a CRM system and organizing client data

    • Following up with clients and stakeholders on action items and tasks

    • Developing, documenting, and executing streamlined processes

    • Providing support for EOS reporting and data analysis

Having Nolene has allowed Eliot to focus on his own passion and unique abilities activities, such as facilitating sessions, doing talks and workshops, and speaking with clients. “Nolene helps me with just about everything else so I can focus where I need to focus,” he said. 

After only eight months, having Nolene has enabled his business to grow radically. He estimates Nolene has freed up nearly 30 to 40 hours of his time each month. “I couldn’t be the scale that I am right now without having that level of support in the background,” he said. 

In Eliot’s final thoughts about how a virtual assistant has changed his business, he said:

“Rob, congratulations for building an exceptional organization! I can’t emphasize enough how efficient our collaboration has been. When we were on the hunt for a specific kind of assistant—someone who could execute tasks while implementing vital processes and systems—we found the ideal match with you. Thanks immensely for exceeding our expectations. Your dedication to helping clients and talent achieve their dreams shines through. And to anyone grappling with tasks that slow them down, consider a virtual assistant. It’s an ROI game-changer that has transformed both my business and personal life.”

If, like Eliot, you are ready to make a shift, schedule a free 15-minute consultation with us!

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How an Assistant Will Help you with These Killer Strategic Coach Principles

Dan Sullivan is the Founder of The Strategic Coach Inc. and the creator of The Strategic Coach® Program. With tens of thousands of entrepreneurs having gone through the Strategic Coach program over the past 30 years, Dan is one of the world’s foremost experts on entrepreneurship in action and a true champion of entrepreneurs worldwide. His teachings have helped me in ways beyond description.

It’s safe to say he understands the life of an entrepreneur—and knows the importance of growth, productivity, and work-life balance. This is why he also fully understands the value and impact an assistant can have on a business (especially for entrepreneurs). 

According to Dan, “The best investment in your own productivity, bar none, is a direct assistant who will handle your schedule and hundreds of other small but important details that clutter up your life and mind—and when added up cost you hours of your time.” 

Here are three of my favorite Strategic Coach principles that can help you understand the true value of your time—and how an assistant can free up your time so you can focus on growing your business.

Unique Ability®

Unique Ability® refers to a combination of things that you enjoy, drive a lot of value for your business, and are fairly unique to you as an individual (things not everyone has the ability to do). Unique Ability® is about identifying what you excel at and leveraging those strengths to achieve exponential results and personal fulfillment. 

Dan’s teachings stress that entrepreneurs and business leaders should be spending most of their time focused on Unique Ability® activities and less time on tasks that are outside of those abilities. This will lead to an increase in productivity and innovation—which ultimately leads to growth.

However, finding the time to focus on these activities can feel impossible—but it can be easily achieved by hiring an assistant to take on the day-to-day tasks that are taking up your time to free you up to achieve those goals.

Who Not HowTM

Shift your perspective from solving challenges to finding the right individuals who can address them—allowing you to focus on Unique Ability® activities.

To embrace Unique Ability®, assembling a capable team and mastering the art of delegation is pivotal. Delegating tasks that don’t harmonize with your strengths grants you the freedom to concentrate on impactful activities—those that genuinely drive growth. 

This is where your team—and especially an assistant—becomes indispensable. As Dan Sullivan aptly questioned,

What are YOU trying to accomplish? Do you have Whos in your life that give you the perspectives, resources, and ability to go beyond what you could do alone? Or are you keeping your goals so small to make them easier to accomplish them on your own?

Hiring an assistant will enable you to kick-start your success by immediately releasing you from figuring out how to do anything that is not within your unique ability. You’ll then be able to channel your efforts where your expertise truly shines, providing real value to your business. 

10x Is Easier Than 2x: How World-Class Entrepreneurs Achieve More By Doing Less

I recently read 10x Is Easier Than 2x: How World-Class Entrepreneurs Achieve More By Doing Less, by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy. 

The book explains that if you want to 2x your business, you need more resources and more effort. But if you want to 10x your business, you need to think differently about your business. It’s absolutely crucial to implement Unique Ability® and Who Not HowTM principles to succeed. And in order to focus on those principles, you need an assistant. 

In essence, “10x Is Easier Than 2x” encourages a shift in mindset, pushing entrepreneurs to break free from the limitations of incremental thinking and embrace their unique abilities. To start the 10x process, you need the time to think about strategic changes in your business and you won’t have that time if you are doing work that an assistant should be doing.

Focusing on your unique abilities, hiring an assistant to take on time-consuming, lower-value tasks, and shifting your mindset for 10x growth, can lead to transformative results in your businesses and life.

Jack Daly, one of the leading sales trainers and speakers in the world says

If you don’t have an assistant, you are one"

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Small Business Rep in Washington

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Karen Kerrigan, the driving force behind the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council). In this Working Better Now episode, we explored the multifaceted landscape of advocacy for small businesses and policy-making.

“For nearly 30 years now, we have worked on a range of initiatives that span the private sector and public policy, all aimed towards strengthening the ecosystem for startup activity and small business growth,”

- Karen Kerrigan

Small businesses encounter various government-related pain points, such as complex regulatory processes, tax, trade, healthcare, and more. It’s Karen’s mission to ensure that small business voices are heard. 

If it wasn't for small businesses and entrepreneurs, we wouldn't have the job creation; we wouldn't have the innovation; we wouldn't have the vibrancy in our economy. I mean, entrepreneurs are the center of our economy. And so I'm honored to do what I do,” said Karen. “Every day I work to tell government and Congress, ‘you have to honor this important constituency as well through policy and legislation. Because without them, our country would be a mess, economically speaking.

- Karen Kerrigan

The SBE Council is a non-partisan organization. Their only concern is advocating for small businesses and regulations that enable them to thrive. For Karen’s team, there’s always a battle to fight. But they must be practical when setting their agenda and deciding where to focus their efforts. 

At the federal level, one of the biggest issues Karen is focused on is regulatory threats. The Department of Labor and agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission have proposed a variety of rules and regulations affecting things like the franchise model, overtime rules, and mergers and acquisitions—ultimately causing damage to the start-up and small business ecosystem. 

Over the last 30 years, I've seen even individual entrepreneurs and small business owners come to Washington DC, I've brought them to the White House, brought them to regulatory agencies, had them testify on Capitol Hill, and have a huge impact,” said Karen. “Their voice is extremely powerful

- Karen Kerrigan

Karen is optimistic about the future of small businesses, and she and her team always strive to enable small businesses to succeed. To learn more about the SBE Council and the work that they do, visit

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