The Big Payoff of Hiring Departmental Assistants

“If we only had more time in a day, we could get everything done”, say most business owners. Well, notwithstanding the concept? In practice, you don’t get more time in a day, and wishing for it is a fool’s errand. 

Forward-thinking business owners know this and know that the secret to success in business, and arguably to life, is to focus on high-payoff activities (HPAs). Just as importantly, it is not just for them to do this, but for the entire company to do this. 

Of course, to run your business, more than HPAs need to get done. Someone needs to do non-HPA stuff like run reports, process invoices, prepare documents, and other more mundane tasks. This is where departmental assistants come in. 

What Are High-Payoff Activities (HPAs) and Why Are They Important? 

High-payoff activities (HPAs) are tasks or actions that directly contribute to achieving significant business goals and generating substantial value for the organization. Jack Daly, renowned sales trainer and motivational speaker, explains the philosophy perfectly: “For high-payoff activities, have your key players do it; for everything else, bring someone in, outsource it, or stop doing it.” That way, your team is focused on activities that drive revenue and growth. When departments zero in on HPAs, they not only boost their efficiency but also significantly contribute to the company’s overall success. 

The Role of Assistants in Supporting HPAs 

Assistants are vital in enabling departments to concentrate on HPAs by managing specialized tasks. Here’s how they can contribute across various departments: 

  • Marketing Assistants can handle campaign analytics, manage social media, and coordinate content distribution, allowing marketers to focus on creative strategy and brand engagement. 
  • Sales Assistants can undertake lead qualification, update CRM systems, and manage communication, enabling sales teams to focus on closing deals. 
  • HR Assistants can streamline recruitment by handling initial resume screenings and interview scheduling, which frees HR managers to focus on strategic initiatives and employee relations. 
  • Operations Assistants can manage inventory, track supplier communications, and oversee order processes, ensuring smooth business operations. 
  • Finance Assistants can assist with invoice processing, budget tracking, and financial reporting, allowing finance teams to concentrate on strategic financial planning. 

At WorkBetterNow, we practice what we preach. Our sales assistant keeps everything organized for the sales team, our marketing assistant helps to run competitive analysis, and our finance assistant ensures all financial matters are handled efficiently. This allows each department to focus on its HPAs and achieve better results. 

Maximizing Departmental Efficiency Through Unique Abilities 

Just as individual business owners thrive by focusing on their unique abilities, so too can departments within larger organizations. Executives and managers in each department have high-payoff activities that are critical to the company’s success. By  concentrating on these core activities and delegating the rest to assistants, departments can operate more effectively and efficiently. This not only enhances productivity but also increases employee morale and engagement, as team members can focus on what they do best and enjoy the most. 

Boosting High-Payoff Activities with WBN Professionals 

Partnering with WBN aligns perfectly with the High-Payoff Activities (HPA) concept. Our remote assistants take on essential yet time-consuming tasks like scheduling, data entry, and customer service, freeing your core team to focus on strategic, revenue-generating activities. This delegation not only optimizes efficiency but also allows your key players to dedicate their time to what they do best—driving growth and innovation.  

For instance, Peter Morandi, CEO of Eastman Cooke Construction, shares, “WorkBetterNow’s professionals have been wonderful. They took on roles we didn’t even know we needed but are now critical. They let our estimators and project managers focus more deeply on their main tasks, relieving them of admin work. It’s been nearly flawless; they’re relentless in a good way. We’ve even heard our subcontractors comment on it. The bottom line? We’re not just hitting productivity marks; we’re exceeding them. We love when our subcontractors say, ‘You’ve got an army of people, don’t you?’” 

Cost-Effectiveness of Hiring Remote Assistants 

Hiring remote assistants from WorkBetterNow is not only effective but also cost-efficient. By tapping into the talent pool in Latin America, you get highly skilled professionals who bring tremendous value to your team. This approach combines the benefits of having a full-time employee with the flexibility and cost savings of outsourcing. Our remote assistants easily integrate into your team, ensuring that all your administrative needs are met while you focus on driving your business forward. 

Take a moment to evaluate your departmental activities. Are your key players spending too much time on administrative tasks? Consider how an assistant could enhance your focus on high-payoff activities. Contact WorkBetterNow for a consultation and discover how we can help you find the right assistant to elevate your business. 

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