Discovering Top Performers Where You Least Expect Them 

The Unlimited Potential of WBN Professionals

Finding great talent these days is tough, right? Everyone’s in the same boat, fishing in a sea where the fish seem fewer every day. Trust me, I’ve been there too—out in the talent ocean, trying to reel in the best. So when I started WorkBetterNow, I decided to think outside the box and carefully filled all of our roles with Remote Professionals (RPs) from Latin America. And here’s what I found: RPs in these regions have a track record of stepping up and taking on much more than what was initially asked of them. And for businesses like yours, struggling to find not just good but excellent people, knowing you have access to talent that can rise to managerial roles is priceless.

How RPs Rise to the Occasion

We practice what we preach right here at WBN, promoting our own people from within. Many of our team members, sourced from the very same talent pool that serves our clients, have risen to crucial roles across departments like recruiting, IT, special projects, finance, and administration.

Take, for instance, one of our LATAM remote employees, Silvana. Silvana’s journey with us at WorkBetterNow is a fantastic example of what can happen when you spot and nurture talent. She started off as my executive assistant, and it didn’t take long for me to notice her knack for handling projects with precision. Silvana’s got what you might call a Type A personality—always on the ball and organizing everything down to the last detail. This trait really shone as she took on special projects, breezing through challenges that would stall many.

Silvana’s breakthrough came after a series of well-deserved promotions and tailored training, which all led to her being named Technology Director. Once in the role, she really made her mark, rolling out over 10 new systems like HubSpot and Zoho Recruit, and introducing more than 200 automations in just the last year. Her contributions have gone beyond improving our processes— they’ve completely transformed how we operate.

What Silvana’s story really tells us is how important it is to recognize and empower those who are not only ready but eager to take their careers to the next level. She’s become an integral part of our company, and honestly, it’s hard to imagine where we’d be without her drive and expertise.

An incredible 32% of our staff began their WBN careers in entry-level positions and as virtual assistants and have since risen the ranks to significant roles such as Success Coaches, Recruiters, and Project Coordinators. I’ve learned that when you recognize and nurture potential, it’s that top talent that ends up driving your company forward. The roles our team members grow into are as varied as they are impactful, and we source from the same talent pool that serves our clientele.

Several of our WBN professionals hold management-level positions at our clients’ businesses, including:

  • Director of Operations
  • Project Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Operations Manager
  • Senior Executive Assistant
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Fleet Safety Manager
  • Marketplace Pricing Strategist
  • Front Office Administrator

WBN RPs Can Be Your Next Top Performers

Our clients have seen some unexpected and incredible results working with our RPs. For example, when we introduced Bianca to our client, Aberdeen Advisors, as an executive assistant, no one anticipated just how quickly she would become invaluable to their firm. In just ten months, she transformed her role and her impact on the company and due to her exceptional performance and knack for taking on any challenge, was promoted to operations manager.

What impresses me most about Bianca is her problem-solving ability. If she hits a roadblock, she’s on it—whether that means diving into Google or pulling insights from peers. She’s tackled everything from integrating new software to streamlining communication systems across the company.”

Emery Ellinger | CEO, Aberdeen Advisors

Bianca has also become something of a systems wizard. She’s developed over 36 systems to date, revolutionizing how things are done at Aberdeen Advisors. These comprehensive overhauls have enhanced efficiency, reduced mistakes, and significantly scaled operations. And yes, CEO Emery Ellinger himself has noted just how pivotal these systems have been in elevating the entire company’s performance.

Her work has had a real ripple effect across the team. From freeing up loads of time for Emery and other leaders to adding a layer of polish and professionalism when interacting with clients, Bianca’s influence is everywhere. She’s set up fail-proof systems that ensure everything from client meetings to office logistics are handled flawlessly.

Bianca’s story is a testament to the caliber of talent we nurture at WorkBetterNow. It shows that with the right opportunity and training, our RPs can go above and beyond, turning what might seem like ordinary roles into extraordinary careers.

This is what we strive for at WorkBetterNow—providing professionals who aren’t just filling a seat; they’re making a significant difference. If you’re struggling to find the right talent, maybe it’s time to think about what a WorkBetterNow professional, like Bianca, could do for you.

Why WBN’s Talent Pool Stands Out

Our clients come to WBN looking for incredible talent, and they find it. But what they don’t always expect is the level of dedication and drive these professionals bring.

Our exceptional talent pool, largely based in LATAM, is curated through a rigorous, proprietary screening process. This ensures that we provide our clients with only the top 2% of talent available—highly skilled professionals ready to tackle challenges and climb the ranks.

A key part of our selection process involves looking beyond skills and experience; we actively seek out cultural traits and indicators of dedication that align with our core values and client needs. Our proprietary filters are finely tuned to identify these top performers, focusing on those who not only have the skills but also the drive and commitment to excel. We chose Latin America specifically for its rich pool of such dedicated and culturally aligned talent, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible match for their needs.

For busy business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and sales representatives, finding time can be a major challenge. Outsourcing critical tasks to our adept professionals frees up your time and boosts your personal productivity.

At WorkBetterNow, our goal is to make it easy for businesses like yours to engage hard-working, enthusiastic overseas talent. This allows you to focus more on strategic growth and less on the time-consuming aspects of the hiring process. By integrating our top-tier professionals into your operations, you can expect not only to meet your business needs but to exceed them, thanks to a team that grows with you and for you. With us, you’re investing in future leaders who come ready to tackle today’s challenges and spearhead tomorrow’s opportunities.

Let us show you how tapping into the right talent can transform your business from the inside out. Whether you’re looking to fill a critical role or expand your capabilities, WorkBetterNow is here to ensure that your next hire is a catalyst for your success. Sign up for a free 15-minute consultation! 

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