Unveiling the Life-Changing Secrets of a CEO Radical Sabbatical!

In this ‘Working Better Now’ series I have a chat with Germaine Baugh, the CEO of the Urban League of Broward County. In this eye-opening conversation, Germaine reveals the incredible impact of her 30-day sabbatical, uncovering how it empowered her team and led to some game-changing insights. We explore the unexpected outcomes that completely transformed her own leadership journey.

Key Takeaway:

Germaine’s radical sabbatical really highlights the important connection between personal well-being and effective leadership. Through strategic decision-making, involving key stakeholders, we gained some valuable insights to help diversify revenue, leverage assets, and strengthen our core operations.

One significant lesson we learned is the importance of shifting towards a leadership culture that shares power and promotes accountability and growth. Instead of constantly rushing forward, we need to embrace intentional breaks for reflection, just like Germaine did. It’s absolutely vital for our business to prioritize well-being and strategic thinking if we want to achieve sustained success. We should encourage practices that foster personal growth, drive innovation, and have a long-term impact.

Questions I ask Germaine:

  • [0:26] Tell us a little bit about the Urban League of Broward County Gala?
  • [02:07] Tell us how you were able to take a 30 day sabbatical?
  • [05:05] Is there anything that you can share about how your team prepped in order to make this successful?
  • [08:07] How long before did you start the preparation process?
  • [10:05] What are some of the outcomes and benefits were to you and the organization?
  • [15:00] Tell us where we can find out more about the Urban League Broward County?

More About Germaine Smith-Baugh:

  • Check out Urban League of Broward here
  • Connect with Germaine on LinkedIn

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