Building a Purpose-Driven HR Firm

In my recent interview with LeiLani Quiray, we dove into the captivating world of Be the Change HR, where the intersection of HR consulting and social impact takes center stage. Throughout our conversation, LeiLani shared insights into how her outsourced HR firm is not just reshaping businesses but also leaving a lasting impact on the lives of sex trafficking survivors. It was truly eye-opening to explore a dialogue that transcended traditional HR discussions, focusing on driving positive change and making a meaningful difference in the world.

Key Takeaway:

The interview with LeiLani highlighted the importance of company culture and leadership in attracting and retaining talent. LeiLani emphasized the need for business owners to self-reflect and understand the changing expectations of the workforce, particularly in the post-pandemic era where the balance of power has shifted towards employees.

The integration of social impact from the company’s inception and its evolution over time showcased a commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of sex trafficking survivors. Be the Change HR not only offers HR consulting expertise but stands out for its dedication to creating a workplace that prioritizes the well-being of its people.

Questions I ask LeiLani:

  • [0:19] Tell us a little bit about Be The Change HR 
  • [01:08] So I’m guessing you are bringing people onto the team; they’re not only singing up for what Be The Change HR is doing with clients but for the mission in general?
  • [01:46] Did you start the company with the social impact piece as well? Was that there since day one?
  • [04:20] Tell us about your background 
  • [06:09] What was the impetus to staring the firm? 
  • [07:54] When you bring on a new client often, what is it that they’re not doing that they should’ve been doing or what is it that they’re doing that they shouldn’t be doing?
  • [09:49] When you’re coming in, and a company does have a culture that’s not optimal, what are some of the more common ways that a company can work on improving a culture? 
  • [11:56] What’s your take on how companies look at talent? 
  • [14:59] When you’re not working, what do you like to do? 
  • [16:30] Where can people find out more about you and Be The Change HR  

More About LeiLani Quiray:

  • Check out Be the Change HR here
  • Connect with LeiLani on LinkedIn

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