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In this episode of Working Better Now, our good friend Chris Beer, also known as the “Wizard of Ops®”, explores how she applies Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) principles in her own life. She’s a passionate advocate for mindfulness and leveraging our unique abilities. This insightful interview reveals the incredible power of EOS, which brings simplicity and structure to organizations. By embracing it, we can foster effective communication, accountability, and alignment for growth. So, let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaway:

One of the main discussions during our chat was about effective team communication, and it got me thinking about the positive impact of integrating EOS into businesses. This integration brings simplicity, structure, and accountability, which are all so important. The idea of mindfulness extends beyond work and spills into our personal lives too. It’s all about identifying and managing the things that drain our energy, so we can have a well-balanced and fulfilling life.

Questions I ask Chris:

  • [0:14] Can you give us a little background on yourself?
  • [00:44]How long ago did you start Wizard of Ops®, what did you do before?
  • [01:33] When a company hires Wizard of Ops® what are they hoping to accomplish?
  • [03:22] What are some of the more common areas of opportunity to improve the business and to make an impact?
  • [05:00] How do you help your clients get to the point where they’re willing to make a change?
  • [07:15] Are there any tips or strategies from the EOS world and the business world that can help on the personal side?
  • [09:50] Can you give us a quick overview on what the power of EOS is?
  • [11:55] Where can listeners connect with you and learn more about Wizard of Ops®?

More About Chris Beer:

  • Check out Wizard of Ops® here
  • Connect with Chris on LinkedIn

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