The Secret To Building A Strong Workforce

by Anne Miranda
Published November 14, 2021

#WorkingBetter Now With Julie Cruit Angilly, Managing Partner of Lotus Revenue

In this edition of our #WorkingBetterNow series, we explore the science and art of revenue, and brand building with Julie Cruit Angilly, Managing Partner of Lotus Revenue and Brand Consultants. Julie’s credits include leading marketing to establish a strong national brand and helping to raise more than $40 million in revenue. We asked her to share the secret behind teamlancing, building a powerful workforce of experts, and how her WBN Assistant has helped her secure new clients. 

“I made an investment in that early, which has paid off so much because three months ago, I was still doing 70% – 80% of the client work. Now my WBN Assistant is actually able to take on 60% – 70% of that client work. So the end result is more strategic time with my clients and more business development for me as well. I’m going out and growing my business more, and finding and securing new clients as a result.”

—Julie Cruit Angilly

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