How We Achieved an Incredible Net Promoter Score

If you’re like us, constantly striving for excellence in your business is a never-ending mission. So when success shows itself through customer feedback assessments like the NPS (Net Promoter Score), it’s encouraging. It’s also a great time for reflection as a company. At WBN, we’ve implemented several strategies that have contributed to our NPS score, and we’re thrilled to share them with you.

What Is NPS and How to Calculate It

First things first, NPS is a powerful metric indicating customer satisfaction, loyalty, and enthusiasm. To calculate the score, we use a simple survey asking clients how likely they are to recommend us on a scale of 0 to 10, and we send it out once every six months. The percentage of promoters (those who rank us 9-10) minus the percentage of detractors (those who rank us 0-6) equal the NPS. For example, if there are responses from 100 customers with 50 promoters and 20 detractors, the NPS is 30.

Source: MonkeyLearn

The possible range of NPS spans from -100 (all detractors) to +100 (all promoters). At WorkBetterNow, our NPS is a world-class 76. In the staffing and hiring industry – and most industries – the average is around 28.

What’s the Secret to Our High NPS?A high NPS tells us that not only are our clients satisfied with our service, but they are excited to tell others about us. Referrals are the lifeblood of our business and have been the major contributor to our considerable growth over the past few years. So what’s our secret to a high NPS? We have a few.

Developing and Living by Our Core Values

From the day that WBN co-founder, Andrew Cohen and I decided to start the business, we wanted to create a great company with a great service where our clients and team would describe their experience with WBN as a “wow” experience. Our clients are our friends, fellow entrepreneurs, and high achievers. We don’t want to hear anything but great things from them. This drive for excellence was the basis for our core values, which have been the compelling force behind every decision and process since then. Now, these core values are lived out each day by our entire team. They are:

  • Put our talent first
  • Work with integrity and transparency
  • Work with an ownership mentality
  • Have a growth mindset
  • Work with an excellent attitude
  • Pursue excellence

Putting Our Talent First
Unfortunately, for many talent service providers (and staffing companies), client satisfaction is prioritized at the expense of employee well-being. When “the customer is always right,” it can lead to a toxic culture, high turnover, and poor work output from the internal team. That’s the exact opposite of what we set out to do at WorkBetterNow.

From day one, we were determined to deliver an unbelievably great service. One of the most important elements of that was to put our talent first. That meant treating our WBN professionals well, rewarding them, inspiring them, and helping them see how they’re making a difference.

Fostering a positive work environment for our WBN professionals attracts clients who value great treatment and appreciate the dedication of well-supported Remote Professionals (RPs). We firmly believe that a healthy company culture with happy RPs translates to great client service, and that’s a philosophy we’re committed to upholding. The WBN professionals, along with the WBN Team, are now the main drivers of our success. Said another way, if we treat our RPs well, they will treat our clients well.

Recruiting Great Talent and Being Very Discerning
We understand that to provide the best service, we have to find and hire the best talent. We created a second-to-none recruitment process to ensure we hire only the best, most talented individuals in Latin America. As a testament to our commitment to excellence, we are now accepting under 1% of applicants for client interviews.

Providing Exceptional Client Service
Exceptional service is the cornerstone of our growth. It’s one thing to say we deliver excellence, but another to strive for it and make it happen. Most of our clients are small or midsize business owners, and for entrepreneurs, every minute that a job is not getting done well is a problem. Because of that, we are constantly improving how we get feedback from our clients, and how we work promptly to address any issues that do come up. We realize that each of our professionals makes a big impact on our clients. So we identify and resolve issues quickly when they arise.

Further, we designed our entire sales process around making it easy, quick, and very productive for our clients. It’s effective and efficient, limiting the time that they need to spend. Our clients tell us that hiring WorkBetterNow professionals takes less than 5% of the time and effort in hiring talent on their own – with better results.

Measuring and Always Improving
We implemented a measurement system that gives close-to-real-time feedback on how we are doing. The measurement system is aided by the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) – a set of concepts and tools used by 257,000+ companies around the world. This system has helped by providing a framework for collecting and reviewing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), allowing us to stay on the path of improvement.

Find the Perfect Professional for Your Team from WorkBetterNow
We strongly believe in providing great service for our clients and elevating our team in the process. Our WBN Remote Professionals are smart, talented, and the perfect fit for our clients’ needs. If you’re looking to fulfill a role in your business, schedule a consult with us and we’ll find you the perfect professional – fast. With over 40+ roles and no contracts, you’ll go from consultation to hire in two weeks or less.

Schedule a consult today to get started.

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