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Our clients include successful B2B and B2C businesses across many industries, including logistics, marketing, construction, EOS implementors, sales, and more. Each organization we’ve had the opportunity to work with has seen game-changing transformations by working with our outstanding nearshore talent.


Larry Headshot

Larry Zogby

President of RDS Same Day Delivery

“The incredible level of talent goes way beyond assistants. I am using WBN talent for roles such as inbound sales, customer service, and courier recruiting — just to name a few. WorkBetterNow and their team of talent is transforming my business every day.” 

Timothy Driscoll

Director of Dispatch at Dropoff 

“From the start, WorkBetterNow professionals have been a game-changer for us, fitting right in with our team. Now, we have 16 WBN professionals on board who are not just here temporarily; they’re dedicated and serious about their careers. They’ve been able to pick up new systems swiftly, sometimes even teaching us a thing or two. It’s like they’re part of the company, not just a supplemental workforce. We’ve grown together, and WorkBetterNow has been a key player in this growth.” 


Larry Levine

Best-Selling Author of Selling From the Heart

“We’ve had such a great, positive experience. Carmen, our virtual admin, is like the glue that holds Selling From the Heart together. I’ve told Andrew and Rob, she’s not going anywhere. They’ve made this whole process pleasant. This has been a life changer for us!”

Ed Molitor

CEO of the Molitor Group

“The incredible level of talent goes way beyond assistants. I am using WBN talent for roles such as inbound sales, customer service, and courier recruiting — just to name a few. WorkBetterNow and their team of talent is transforming my business every day.” 


Peter Morandi

CEO, Eastman Cooke Construction

“WorkBetterNow’s professionals have been wonderful. They took on roles we didn’t even know we needed but are now critical. They let our estimators and project managers focus more deeply on their main tasks, relieving them of admin work. It’s been nearly flawless; they’re relentless in a good way. We’ve even heard our subcontractors comment on it. The bottom line? We’re not just hitting productivity marks; we’re exceeding them. We love when our subcontractors say,  ‘You’ve got an army of people, don’t you?”


Rafael Salazar

President of Enviropro USA

“Working with Christina as my assistant has been a game-changer for my construction business. She not only handles calls and scheduling but also takes on social media responsibilities and assists with tasks like estimating and graphic design. It’s allowed me to delegate important tasks and focus on growing my business while knowing that everything is being handled efficiently.”


Richard Shapiro
President, The Center for Client Retention
“I’ve been in business 35 years, and many times we’ve interviewed 20 or 30 people and gone through hundreds of resumes to hire one person. WorkBetterNow is just so easy. The talent we hired are client managers, they’re my analysis team, my social media team, my marketing team, etc. It’s a major benefit of the talent pool that WorkBetterNow has, that we were able to say we wanted somebody with PowerPoint skills and within a week, we had a god of all gods of PowerPoint users!”​
Sara Nay
COO of Duct Tape Marketing
“Ana Paulina has absolutely been able to fulfill our needs and help us achieve our internal and client goals. She is very responsive and always willing to take on new tasks. She completes tasks quickly, but thoroughly, and has such a positive attitude. She truly feels like part of the team. Her work is fantastic and it’s been a great experience thus far!”
Bernadette Capulong
CEO and Founder, BC Design Haus
“Our first WBN Professional was fantastic, and I thought, wow, this really can work. The quality, the skillset, the work ethic… it just blew me away,” says Bernadette, who currently has three highly talented WBN professionals integrated into her company. “That made me think, how else can we supplement our team?”

EOS Implementors

Eliot Wajskol
Certified EOS Implementer
“I’m beyond impressed with the efficiency of our collaboration with WorkBetterNow. In search of an assistant skilled in task execution and process implementation, I found the perfect match through them. WorkBetterNow exceeded our expectations, showing exceptional dedication to client and talent success. For anyone burdened by time-consuming tasks, a virtual assistant from WorkBetterNow is a game-changer. It’s transformed my business and personal life, delivering outstanding ROI. Highly recommended!”

B2B & B2C

Rachel Kellner
CEO, Aigner Chocolate Store
“Vivian, my WBN assistant, has transformed my life. Once you experience this level of support, it’s impossible to imagine going back. It’s like night and day, a different world. Before her, and I can only describe live as “hell on earth.” I’d work late into the night and every moment I could on weekends. She’s literally given me my life back.”

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