The Key to Success: How to Build an Amazing Working Relationship with Your Virtual Assistant

how to build an amazing working relationship with your virtual assistant

Many of the most forward-thinking and highly successful business owners today rely on virtual assistants or other remote workers to some degree. And while the business benefits are clear,  building a strong working relationship with a virtual assistant is just as important as it is with any employee. Establishing a good rapport with remote talent might initially seem extra challenging, but it’s critical to ensure they succeed in helping you free up your time.

However, by making the following suggestions part of your process, you can easily unlock the full potential of your virtual assistant and ensure they’re set up for success from day one. 

Integrate Remote Employees Into Your Team

Employees today seek out companies where they feel they belong. That’s true whether or not they’re in-house or remote. It’s crucial that virtual assistants have the same opportunity to get to know and trust other team members and feel a shared sense of purpose around their work — even if there are cultural differences. This will improve their quality of work and dedication to the company. 

Companies that are most successful at maximizing their virtual assistants are those that integrate them seamlessly into their teams. This can be achieved in several ways depending on their line of business but includes regular communication and creating opportunities for both remote and on-site workers to collaborate on projects. 

Leverage Technology 

As many of us learned during the pandemic, today’s technology can make somebody’s location a non-issue. From Zoom to Slack, collaborative tools such as video conferencing and instant messaging platforms help teams stay connected in real-time throughout the workday and can resolve the common concern that having remote workers will be inefficient or hard to manage. 

It’s no surprise that technology will also play a critical role in the success of your virtual assistant. And there are some ground rules you should set in the beginning to start off on your path to success.

Choose a preferred method of communicating and stick with it. You’ll also need to implement various systems for efficiency, such as a file-sharing program and a project management system. Provide them with the necessary tools for virtual success and always be available for questions—especially at the beginning.

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Communicate Often

Have consistent and frequent check-ins with your virtual assistant. Set up a recurring meeting to give and receive updates, feedback, and discuss their role. Encourage them to speak up, and create an atmosphere where they feel comfortable being honest and open about their work.

You should also communicate clear expectations and goals to your virtual assistant. Clearly define their tasks, responsibilities, deadlines, and priorities—and instill confidence in them to achieve those things. Share your business objectives and vision and discuss their role in achieving those goals. 

Build Trust With Your Virtual Assistant

Last but not least, building trust with your virtual assistant is the best way to make them feel empowered and confident in their role. Allow them to problem-solve and do things on their own. Telling them what successful outcomes look like, rather than telling them how to do something, will benefit your working relationship long-term.

Today’s advanced technology makes it easy to connect with and empower your remote workforce and transform your business. Working with a company like WBN which specializes in incredible talent from Latin America, gives you access to top-notch, pre-vetted remote talent that can be hired and onboarded in just 2-3 weeks at a low cost as compared to local alternatives

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