Running a business has never been tougher. Hiring has become grueling, with customer expectations sky-high, top talent scarce, and roles taking 42 days or more to fill.

One wrong hire can sink morale. How can businesses thrive amid such uncertainty?

The solution to your hiring woes is easier than you thought. Learn how nearshore talent can turn scarcity into a thriving pipeline. This deck walks you through everything covered in the video below.

If you’re new to the concept of hiring nearshore talent, or if you’re skeptical about it, we get it. It’s hard trying something new especially when there are plenty of preconceived notions surrounding nearshore talent that make you stick to what you know — or at least what you think you know. 

The truth is, hiring nearshore talent — skilled professionals who work remotely for a company located in a nearby region with a similar and time zone (like Latin America)  — can be the game changer you can’t afford not to make. 

Hiring the right talent is crucial for accomplishing your goals. But misconceptions about nearshore talent may have stopped you from considering this option. Let’s bust these myths once and for all so you feel confident about hiring nearshore talent.

1. Nearshore Talent Won’t Get the Work Done

The myth: Although remote work has taken off all over the world, there is an underlying concern about employees’ ability to be productive—no matter where they are. How can you trust them to get the work done, contribute to your company’s success, and be engaged employees when they aren’t just down the hall? The misconception is no different for nearshore talent, perhaps even enhanced because of the distance.

The truth: Despite advances in tech, data shows US domestic workers are increasingly less productive. But nearshore talent attracted to and qualified for in-demand positions consistently prove to be self-motivated, successful, and goal-oriented. They come ready to contribute to the success of the company, be a team player, and exude a motivated, energized attitude.

Talent providers like us at WorkBetterNow vet every single candidate for their drive, initiative, hard and soft skills, and character—and that’s after accepting only the top 2% of applicants.

2. English Proficiency is Lacking

The myth: We’ve all been there. Calling customer service for help only to be met with an outsourced representative whose English is frustratingly difficult to understand. Because of that, you believe hiring nearshore talent means getting someone with a thick accent and a scripted response to everything you say.

The truth: In most Latin American (LATAM) countries, students are taught English as a second language from an early age. Those driven to continue their education often focus on perfecting their English skills because it opens many more professional opportunities. 

Take WBN’s senior marketing manager, Gabriela Seminario for example. She started learning English in grade school in Peru, continuing through high school and on into higher education. And just as with Gabriela, each candidate at WBN is screened for their oral and written English fluency. Often, their written English is more precise than native-born speakers (just think about how many times you wanted to correct a team member’s spelling or grammar). And when it comes to accents? Just like any other regional accent, those of nearshore talents’ aren’t a hindrance to communication; they just add a little fun to the conversation.  

In fact, The majority of WorkBetterNow is run by LATAM talent, driving massive growth and consistently delivering top notch experiences for our clients. 

3. Lack of Relevant Skills or Experience

The myth: Okay, they may speak correct English. But they can’t do much else beyond virtual assistant or administrative work, right? 

The truth: There are dozens of professional roles nearshore talent are qualified to fill beyond administrative and assistant duties. Nearshore talent professionals can expertly handle marketing, logistics, accounting, project management, IT and technical support positions, and more. 

Just like your star domestic employees, these vetted professionals bring years of relevant expertise, along with the right balance of soft skills and a strong commitment to contributing to their companies’ success. We practice what we preach: Several leadership positions at WBN are masterfully fulfilled by LATAM nearshore talent.

4. Your Information Security Will Be Compromised

The myth: Allowing a nearshore professional access to your data is risky because they’re in another country. What will they do with it? Who could they share it with? Is their tech secure?

The truth: When you hire anyone new, it generally means you trust them to handle your company’s data, right? You have cybersecurity measures in place to mitigate malintent, and your employees understand best practices for keeping information safe. The same is true for nearshore professionals. When vetted and approved by trusted talent providers like WBN, they can (and should) be trusted like any other members of your organization to handle data. And especially with proven security protocols like two-factor authentication, you can rest assured that your information doesn’t get into the wrong hands, either domestically or abroad.

5. Hiring is Tough and It’s Harder to Hire From Another Country

The myth: Look, we won’t argue with you. Hiring is one of the most challenging and undesirable tasks you do as a business owner. Not only is the recruiting and hiring a hassle, but the legal red tape and onboarding? Groan. So it stands to reason that If it’s tough in the U.S., wouldn’t it be that much more complicated hiring someone in a different country?

The truth: It can be extremely complex to hire nearshore or offshore talent if you go it alone. But the good thing is, you don’t have to. WorkBetterNow does all the nitty gritty work for you. Your commitment, on the other hand, is simple: Book a consultation, interview three hand-matched candidates once (or as many times as you need), and start onboarding, all in as soon as three weeks. 

There is no red tape for you to handle when you go through a provider like WBN. There are also no visas to fill out or lengthy tax forms to decipher. In many ways, it’s easier hiring nearshore talent than it is domestic.

Nearshore Talent Isn’t Too Good To Be True. It’s Your Competitive Advantage.

Nearshore talent has much more in common with a domestic workforce than you think. So don’t let myths or preconceived notions dissuade you from considering nearshore talent as a hiring option. With the budding talent crisis you may be facing, now is the perfect time to get on board with what thousands of other small businesses are doing by hiring nearshore talent.
By partnering with a trusted nearshore talent provider, you can gain access to highly skilled, motivated professionals who will drive success for your business—without the hassle of hiring. Ready to see how nearshore talent can solve your hiring challenges? Book a 15-minute consultation to get started.

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