Walking the Talk: How WBN Achieved Impressive Growth with LATAM Talent 

We provide highly qualified and highly skilled overseas remote talent to hundreds of clients—and you may be surprised to learn that we hire WorkBetterNow (WBN) talent for our own business, too.  

While we began our business in 2018, it truly started to explode toward the end of 2020. In fact, we have grown 1,347% in terms of WBN professionals working for our clients from 2019 to today. While some of this incredible growth has to do with “right place at the right time” and a business model around providing the highest level of service, the main driver has been the incredible talent of the WBN team, 82% of which live and work in Latin America (LATAM).  

WBN Talent Working At WBN  

WBN is a diverse team comprised of  5 U.S.-based members (myself and co-founder Rob included), alongside 23 LATAM team members.

What’s truly impressive is that many of our team members started at the “assistant level” or were sourced from the same talent pool that serves our clients. Even our leaders in crucial departments like recruiting, IT, special projects, finance, and administration have emerged from this pool of talent. 

Our General Manager, Jessica Benavides, started as an assistant to my co-founder, Rob Levin, and through her unwavering dedication, has risen to the position of General Manager. Jessica’s invaluable contributions have been instrumental in making the vision of WorkBetterNow a reality. 

Reflecting on our journey, I am filled with pride and gratitude. I feel fortunate to have collaborated with co-founders Andrew Cohen and Rob Levin in shaping the remarkable growth of WorkBetterNow. As General Manager, I am privileged to lead a passionate team that positively impacts the lives of WBN remote professionals and clients. To anyone seeking a company that truly lives by its values, cherishes its talent, and works with integrity and transparency, look no further than WBN.

- Jessica Benavides - WBN General Manager 

In addition to Jessica, these team members also started at assistant level and have made impressive contributions to our company:    

    • Senior Project Manager: Implemented HubSpot and collaborated with our MSP/IT firm to enhance productivity and implement IT security measures. 

    • Senior Recruitment Manager: Enhanced our recruiting process, attracting stronger candidates, and implemented a process that has resulted in our clients seeing 20% more qualified applicants on each job posting.  

    • Senior Community Manager: Successfully built our new website

Transforming Your Business with WBN Talent  

When we started WBN, we chose LATAM as the source of talent for our clients based on our previous experience. We found that: 

    • There is an abundance of talent with incredible skills and fantastic attitude 

    • The culture in LATAM is very similar to the culture in the US and Canada  

    • There are many benefits to working with talent in the same time zones 

    • Because of the significantly lower cost of living in most LATAM countries, our clients could get incredible talent at a fraction of the cost. 

Just as WBN talent is driving our business, it is driving our clients’ business. Here is why you might consider hiring WBN professionals: 

The Impact: Our exceptional LATAM talent has been instrumental in WBN’s significant growth. They are the driving force behind our company’s success.  

We’ve hand-matched hundreds of remote professionals to hundreds of clients, and we frequently hear that they only regret not hiring WBN remote professionals sooner. By tapping into the remote talent market, you could transform your business.   

The Unlocked Potential: 32% of our WBN staff members started their journey as virtual assistants and have since risen to hold impactful roles within the company, including Success Coach, Recruiter, and Project Coordinator positions.  

We now provide over 40 roles to WBN clients. Many of our WBN professionals have management-level roles such as: 

    • Director of Operations  

    • Project Manager  

    • Marketing Director  

    • Operations Manager  

    • Senior Executive Assistant  

    • Quality Control Manager  

    • Fleet Safety Manager  

    • Marketplace Pricing Strategist  

    • Front Office Administrator 

The Exceptional Talent Pool: We are largely run by a LATAM-based team.  And our extensive proprietary screening process ensures that we provide our clients with the top 2% of talent.  

As a business owner, executive, entrepreneur, or sales representative, your time is valuable—and free time is often hard to come by. Outsourcing to highly-skilled professionals who aren’t afraid to get the work done is the best way to free up your time, increase productivity, and take your business to the next level.  

Our goal is to make it easy for businesses to enlist hard-working, enthusiastic overseas talent so they can focus on growing and running their business rather than on the time-consuming hiring process.  

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