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How to Leverage Virtual Assistants to Explode Sales

Leverage virtual assistants to explode sales

Rob recently sat down with client Larry Levine from Selling From The Heart and a group of salespeople to discuss how to leverage an assistant to explode sales.

WorkBetterNow (WBN) was created due to the belief that every business owner should have an assistant. That idea has now expanded to executives, small business owners, and even salespeople increasing their growth and success by hiring an assistant. 

“Salespeople like to sell,” said Rob. “And they usually don’t like to do everything else that comes along with it.”

It’s been found that salespeople spend just 28% of their time selling, and the rest of their time is spent on CRM work, creating proposals, data entry, scheduling meetings, research, and other non-unique-ability tasks. An assistant can take on all of those tasks and more, which could potentially free up more than two-thirds of a salesperson’s time. 

“If you could triple your time selling, you could maybe triple your sales and triple your income. So, how does that not make sense,” said Rob. 

Rob and Larry both noticed a trend in their past professions: the top-performing professionals all had assistants—all paid for out of their own pocket. When considering if hiring an assistant is a good financial move, the math is simple. 

Salespeople know how they’re spending their time. If their assistant can take even 50% of their tasks off their plate to give them more time to sell, theoretically, their sales should increase by 50%.

Whether hiring an assistant is worth it or not will be highly obvious to a salesperson. Professionals in any field prefer to spend their time on unique-ability tasks, which are tasks they like, are good at, and that makes them money. For salespeople, this is selling. 

“Think about all the things you can get off your plate,” said Rob. “But that’s only half the equation. 

“Think about what you would do with another 20 hours a week. That’s just mind-boggling to some people. It’s not only about the time you save but what you can do with it. It can be revolutionary.”

The buyer’s journey has changed in a way that has made it more important than ever for salespeople to be readily available for their clients. Drowning in paperwork and non-unique-ability tasks can prevent a salesperson from being available for their client when they’re ready to buy. And in this day and age, that’s an easy way to lose them altogether. Having an assistant can remedy this by either freeing up your time so you’re available or having them field calls from clients themselves.

Some salespeople on the call were curious about how WBN matches their VAs with clients and how they measure performance. WBN’s practices are largely based on Rob’s experience hiring assistants before WBN, so they’ve put these four principles in place to ensure success:

  • The VA comes first. Because if they’re treated well by WBN, they’ll treat the client well. 
  • Quality over quantity. They accept less than 2% of applicants. 
  • Each assistant is hand-matched to a client with their needs and culture in mind. 
  • Each VA and client is given a success coach to help them with onboarding and beyond.

Selling From The Heart hired their WBN VA Carmen two years ago and has experienced the benefits of a VA firsthand. “We were deep in the weeds and doing all the things that prevented us from speaking, teaching, producing our own podcast, etc., and we couldn’t onboard new clients because this was taking all of our time,” said Larry. “Carmen changed that.”

Rob said, “There’s a saying actually, ‘You can’t get more time out of the day’… and that’s not true actually. We’ve proven it to be not true.” Hiring an assistant will help you accomplish more in your day—and in the sales profession, it pays.

“This is where fear of change meets opportunity. Remove the excuses and see what’s possible.”

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