How an Assistant Helps Owners Get Their Time Back

how an assistant helps owners get their time back

We started WBN because we believe that every business owner needs an assistant. That belief is rooted in the idea that hiring an assistant will give you more time to focus on high-value tasks that need your attention rather than spending time on administrative tasks that could easily be handled by a qualified assistant—and thus, grow your business. 

If you’re working in a leadership role, your time fills up quickly. Between meetings and events, employee and client interactions, and all of the busy work in between, it’s hard to find time for the important work that moves the needle. In fact, the average executive only spends 47% of their time on managerial activities—and only 9% feel satisfied with how they’re using their time. 

Imagine being unleashed so you can spend more hours per day doing the things you do best, the things you’re passionate about, and the things that make your business grow. Handing off the majority of your busy work to an assistant will expand your capacity so you can spend time on the parts of your business that require your advanced knowledge and skill set, such as business strategy, managing growth and employee engagement, and navigating changes in buyer behavior and expectations.

Larry Levine of Selling from the Heart and Darrell Amy of Revenue Growth Engine were overwhelmed with their business when they finally decided to invest in a WBN assistant. They said, “We were getting deep in the weeds of doing stuff that prevented us from revenue-generating activities. Having Carmen, [our WBN assistant], actually made us into a business. We had to take that step from two guys to having the first member of our team. And since then, our team has been growing. Bringing in Carmen immediately just expanded capacity which has led to a lot of the innovation and ideas that allowed our company to scale.” 

Hiring an assistant can seem costly, we get that. But think about it in terms of the value of your time. If your salary equals $100 per hour and you spend only 30% of your time on administrative tasks (scheduling, calendar management, updating the CRM, etc.), that totals 600 hours—or $60,000—per year spent on administrative-level tasks that don’t necessarily require your skills, abilities, or knowledge. 

Now, imagine hiring WBN remote talent at a low cost to do those tasks while you spend your valuable time developing business strategies, improving your employer brand, and understanding how customers and their buying habits are changing. When you’re able to fully focus on critical components of your business, you’ll notice that productivity soars, revenue increases, and your business prospers. 

Julie Cruit, Managing Partner at Lotus Revenue and Brand Consultants, has been able to focus more on important aspects of her business after hiring a WBN assistant. She said, “I would say 3 months ago, I was still doing probably 70 or 80 percent of the client work. Whereas now Isamarys, [my WBN VA], is actually able to do 60 to 70 percent of some of that client work. So, the end result is more strategic time with my clients and more business development for me as well”. Getting back valuable hours in your day is possible—and it starts by hiring a virtual assistant.

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