How WBN Gave This Executive 40 Hours of Productivity Back

Using Strategic Delegation to Maximize Productivity and Efficiency

Key Results

The Opportunity: Overwhelming Operational Tasks

EOS Certified Implementer® Eliot Wajskol faced a significant challenge common among many business leaders. Despite employing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)—the company’s signature set of tools and concepts designed to clarify, simplify, and achieve business vision used by over 257,000 businesses worldwide—he found himself overwhelmed with daily operational tasks that were far from the best use of his strategic abilities; draining his energy and preventing him from focusing on the core activities that could drive EOS forward effectively. 

Eliot’s role as an EOS Certified Implementer® revolves around guiding businesses to follow EOS principles, including the crucial concept of ‘delegate and elevate.’ Recognizing a significant mismatch between how he was spending his time versus how he wanted to spend it, Eliot realized he needed to practice what he preached. His goal was to devote over 80% of his working hours to activities that leveraged his unique strengths. However, a critical assessment revealed that only 16% of his time was spent on such high-value tasks. This discrepancy highlighted the need for Eliot to apply the same principles he advocated to his clients, sparking his search for a solution that would allow him to delegate operational tasks and focus on what he truly excelled at and enjoyed. 

Solution: Delegate and Elevate with WBN

Eliot turned to WorkBetterNow with the hope of finding a virtual assistant who could take over the repetitive yet essential tasks of his business. The process began with a thorough interview led by WBN, involving Eliot and encouraging his feedback.  

“The person coordinating the interviews was very attentive during the process, recognizing that we were asking for some things that we didn’t realize we were asking for. I think WorkBetterNow did a great job of listening between the lines of what we’re looking for and finding folks who had those skills, those backgrounds, that experience.” – Eliot Wajskol, EOS Certified Implementer® 

The partnership with WBN brought Eliot the perfect match in Nolene, who quickly transitioned from a virtual assistant to what Eliot now considers his practice manager. Nolene took charge of implementing and managing systems that greatly enhanced operational efficiency, from managing Eliot’s calendar to ensuring no client work fell through the cracks. Their regular Level 10 Meetings™ and daily check-ins facilitated a smooth workflow and continuous improvement of processes. 

Nolene’s adaptability and eagerness to learn, coupled with her implementation of best practices, allowed her to excel rapidly. She mastered various tools and systems, including Asana for task management and QuickBooks for financial tracking, which significantly offloaded work from Eliot’s plate.  

“We were looking for something pretty specific, someone who could both help us execute [and] put in place the process and systems that we needed to have. And I’ll tell you the question that we asked as we were interviewing was, have you ever been the boss of your boss? Because that’s what we’re looking for, and we found that through you.” – Eliot Wajskol | EOS Certified Implementer® 

Results: Freeing Up Over 40 Hours Each Month

With the support from his WBN virtual assistant, Eliot was able to delegate the time-consuming tasks of systematization, bookkeeping, and email management effectively. This partnership not only optimized the business processes but also significantly lightened his workload, allowing him to focus on his areas of strength and interest. The results were inspiring: 

Systematization of Operations

Nolene quickly mastered the tools and systems necessary for running EOS's operations smoothly. She implemented robust systems using Asana for task management, QuickBooks for financial oversight, and Salesforce for client relationship management. This comprehensive systematization has significantly streamlined daily operations.

Continuous Improvement

The ability to continuously improve and refine processes has been a key outcome of Nolene's integration into the team. Every quarter, they identify processes that can be further systematized or delegated, ensuring that operations become more streamlined over time. This ongoing refinement has led to a highly routinized practice where critical tasks are efficiently managed.

Reclaimed Time

Perhaps most significantly, Eliot has regained a substantial amount of his time—approximately 40 hours each month. This has allowed him to focus more on strategic initiatives and core activities that align with his unique abilities and the broader goals of EOS, dramatically increasing his effectiveness as a leader.

Feeling “very fortunate,” Eliot reflects positively on his decision to partner with WorkBetterNow. His successful ongoing relationship with his virtual assistant—still the same one he started with—stands as a testament to the effectiveness and reliability of WBN’s service. 

“Anyone who's looking at their world and they're saying, I'm doing something that I shouldn't quite be doing, it's creating drag. And there are other people in the world who might be able to do this a little bit better than I can. And if only I can get this off my plate, it would free me up to do the work I really need to do. There's an ROI on it.”

– Eliot Wajskol | CEO, EOS Certified Implementer®

This case study exemplifies how identifying and addressing the disconnect between daily activities and core competencies can dramatically transform a business leader’s impact and satisfaction. WorkBetterNow’s role in this transformation highlights the value of strategic outsourcing in achieving more efficient and focused business operations. 


As an EOS Certified Implementer®, Eliot not only uses WBN for his practice but also recommends WBN to his clients. “I use WBN. I also refer my clients to WBN because they run on EOS and have a great track record. I trust them as my ‘easy button’ in helping my clients find the right people in a virtual setting.” As a result, his clients are now also leveraging WBN to find the right people, ensuring they can focus on their core competencies and drive their businesses forward. 

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Transforming Business Operations

The person coordinating the interviews was very attentive during the process, recognizing that we were asking for some things that we didn’t realize we were asking for. I think WorkBetterNow did a great job of listening to what we were looking for and finding folks who had those skills, backgrounds, and experiences.

Eliot Wajskol

EOS Certified Implementer® 

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