Revolutionizing Your Business Approach With EOS

I recently spoke with Eliot Wajskol, a Certified EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Implementer with EOS Worldwide. EOS is a business operating system that helps entrepreneurial organizations clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision. In fact, WorkBetterNow runs on EOS. It has been a great help, particularly with respect to how we communicate and stay on top of critical projects.

Though EOS doesn’t guarantee success, it can revolutionize your business approach and help you achieve enhanced team cohesion, measurable growth, and a more fulfilling work-life balance.


To Eliot, hi EOS is simply a way of looking at the world. It’s a set of disciplines and tools to help an organization grow and run more effectively. “But ultimately when you’re doing both more effectively it helps everyone live better lives as well,” he said. “So that’s really my triple passion: help organizations work more effectively, drive growth, but as leaders, can we also live better lives.” 

The ultimate goal of EOS is to give businesses the greatest chance to execute and deliver on what they set out to do, which requires vision and alignment. “If they can actually see where they’re trying to go, they’re truly aligned,” said Eliot. 

Success using EOS also requires constantly making progress on your vision while removing roadblocks and barriers efficiently and effectively. Add in the right processes and systems, and you’ll have a really effective way of constantly gaining traction and executing on your vision. 

“You create a working system that helps you run the business every week, every quarter, every year. That, in a nutshell, is EOS,” said Eliot.


Eliot works with organizations of all sizes, and three of the most common pain points across the board are: 


      • I’ve got a team but I don’t know that we’re all rolling in the right direction.

      • I don’t know that I have the right team.

      • If I look at the results, we just can’t seem to consistently do what it is that we set out to do.

    To combat this, businesses should have a good team throughout the business (not just in leadership positions), a common language on what it means to have the right person, and the right people doing the right work. 

    Teams should be radically focused on measurables that matter, identifying and tackling problems efficiently, and also have a systematic way of working—similar to a heartbeat. 

    “What clients are beginning to find is that they’re achieving the growth goals that they have set out to do. There’s no magic dust. They’re doing the work, but they’re more easily getting to the goals that they set out to do. Whether it’s revenue, whether it’s growth, whether it’s just creating the right company culture, the goals that they set for themselves, they’re achieving,” said Eliot.

    Perhaps more importantly, leaders’ personal lives improve as well. “They’re living better lives because they feel that they’ve created more of a self-managing organization where the people below them are doing the work and they are where they truly belong in their unique abilities and so are their team members.”



    Eliot typically works with clients for a couple of years, with the ultimate goal of stepping away eventually. His core team is himself and his WBN virtual assistant, Nolene Charles, who tackles many foundational tasks, including:


        • Calendar management, including scheduling client sessions and workshops

        • Coordinating clients, both for in-person events and virtual Zoom meetings

        • Email correspondence and managing Eliot’s inbox

        • Assisting with marketing tasks and initiatives

        • Managing logistics for events, workshops, and client interactions

        • Maintaining a CRM system and organizing client data

        • Following up with clients and stakeholders on action items and tasks

        • Developing, documenting, and executing streamlined processes

        • Providing support for EOS reporting and data analysis

      Having Nolene has allowed Eliot to focus on his own passion and unique abilities activities, such as facilitating sessions, doing talks and workshops, and speaking with clients. “Nolene helps me with just about everything else so I can focus where I need to focus,” he said. 

      After only eight months, having Nolene has enabled his business to grow radically. He estimates Nolene has freed up nearly 30 to 40 hours of his time each month. “I couldn’t be the scale that I am right now without having that level of support in the background,” he said. 

      In Eliot’s final thoughts about how a virtual assistant has changed his business, he said:

      “Rob, congratulations for building an exceptional organization! I can’t emphasize enough how efficient our collaboration has been. When we were on the hunt for a specific kind of assistant—someone who could execute tasks while implementing vital processes and systems—we found the ideal match with you. Thanks immensely for exceeding our expectations. Your dedication to helping clients and talent achieve their dreams shines through. And to anyone grappling with tasks that slow them down, consider a virtual assistant. It’s an ROI game-changer that has transformed both my business and personal life.”

      If, like Eliot, you are ready to make a shift, schedule a free 15-minute consultation with us!

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