What’s Next: Continuous Learning in AI 

When ChatGPT rolled out in January 2023, it showcased to the world the immense power of AI and marked a huge turning point for us at WorkBetterNow. We specialize in providing remote professionals from Latin America to US-based small and midsize businesses, and it quickly became clear that AI could significantly impact our industry.  

WBN faced a choice: watch as AI potentially reduced the need for our services or seize the opportunity to enhance our offerings by integrating AI into our operations and training the hundreds of professionals working for clients. We chose the latter and started to “AI enable” our team, which is the first step in helping our clients leverage AI to its fullest potential.   

Every team member has been encouraged to experiment with AI, and the leadership team made sure we know that there are no failures—only learning opportunities. So, in just a few months, nearly all of our staff (around 30 people) were actively engaging with a range of AI tools, from crafting client communications to writing SQL codes and analyzing talent retention data.   

Integrating AI into Our Training Department  

To further share and inspire, we began blogging about each department’s journey with AI. This particular blog focuses on how we’ve incorporated AI into the training department. As the head of the department, I can confirm the vital role these training sessions play in our operations. They introduce new candidates to our company culture, address initial questions, and prepare them for their roles with our clients. 

Enhancing our training with AI not only keeps us at the forefront of innovation but also encourages our Remote Professionals to explore and adopt AI confidently. 

Experiment 1: Leveraging AI Tools for Interview Preparation  

I wanted to dive into how AI could support our remote professionals (RPs) as they gear up for client interviews. Let’s face it, interviews can make anyone a bit jittery. Our main aim is to let the candidate’s true self shine during interviews, but we also believe in giving them the tools to feel more at ease. So, we’re all about encouraging them to use the latest AI tools to practice interview questions, helping them feel more confident when the big day arrives. 

I started by exploring AI tools that could assist with interview preparation. I tried out a couple, including SmallTalk2Me and Google Interview Warmup—both fantastic in their own ways.  

SmallTalk2Me is like having a mock interview. The platform features an AI hiring manager that provides feedback on the strengths and improvement areas of your interview responses. It also offers advice on your English proficiency, use of fillers, and overall fluency. Additionally, there’s an AI-powered vocabulary booster designed to enhance your vocabulary and introduce new words relevant to your field. 

The tool provides feedback on your English level, tips for improvement, and fluency.   
The tool’s AI manager provides general feedback on the interview, focusing on strengths and weaknesses and making suggestions for improvement.  

Google Interview Warmup simulates interviews for specific fields and critiques your use of job-related terms and talking points.  

Interview Warmup provides different fields for you to practice.
The tool provides feedback on talking points, most used words, and job related terms used in every question.  

The tool provides feedback on talking points, most used words, and job related terms used in every question.   

Though each has its limitations—the free version of SmallTalk2Me sticks to general questions, and Interview Warmup skips the broader interview tips—they complement each other well.  

After integrating these tools into our training, feedback from RPs has been overwhelmingly positive. They’ve found the practice incredibly beneficial for facing client interviews with confidence. It’s a win-win all around and just another way we’re making sure our team is the best prepared in the business. 

Experiment 2: AI Tools for Noise Cancellation  

One recurring issue that we notice during training is background noise—a real problem for many, especially when working from home in lively environments. We usually suggest noise-cancellation headsets, but they can get pricey, and availability varies widely depending on where our RPs are based.  

I first heard about Krisp from several candidates who had tried it and found it effective. Krisp uses AI-driven technology to filter out background noise while keeping the speaker’s voice clear. The free version offers 90 minutes of daily noise cancellation, which is pretty generous, and there’s also a Pro version for unlimited use. While Krisp also features a transcription service, the main focus for our needs was its noise cancellation capability.  

My personal experience with Krisp was a bit of a mixed bag initially. When I tested Krisp with older headphones, the background noise was reduced, but the audio quality didn’t improve, which was a bit of a letdown. However, when paired with high-quality, noise-canceling headphones, I didn’t notice much difference—likely because the headphones were already doing a good job.  

After the test, I realized I might have expected a bit too much—Krisp is designed to remove background noise, not enhance audio quality, and it does its job well. For remote professionals without noise-canceling gear, Krisp is a fantastic tool that effectively minimizes background disturbances. It’s a solid solution that, when combined with decent headphones, can significantly improve work-from-home conditions. 

Experiment 3: Enhancing Skills through AI Courses at WBN Academy  

With the tech landscape evolving rapidly, it’s crucial for our remote professionals (RPs) to stay ahead of the curve. After exploring various options, we chose LinkedIn Learning to help us launch a pilot development program focused heavily on AI skills enhancement known as WBN Academy. The goal is not just to familiarize our team with tools like ChatGPT, Bart, or Bing but to really dive deep into areas like prompt engineering and practical AI applications in daily tasks. t 

We started by identifying and curating courses taught by industry experts. These courses covered a broad range of topics, from the basics of using popular AI tools to advanced techniques in prompt engineering and applied AI strategies. After creating a comprehensive learning path, we encouraged our RPs to apply these new skills directly to their day-to-day job responsibilities.  

The feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive. Even though many RPs were already somewhat familiar with the AI tools, they found that improving their prompt crafting skills made these tools significantly more effective. Here’s a snippet of what some participants had to say about their experience: 

One of the key insights from this initiative is the undeniable value of continuous learning, especially in technology. Many participants discovered new ways to enhance their work output through a refined use of AI tools, sparking an interest in further learning and application. By investing in such training, we’re preparing our team for the future, ensuring that WorkBetterNow stays at the forefront of remote professional services. 

What’s Next: Continuous Learning in AI  

AI has truly transformed the way we work and even how we manage personal tasks—I mean, it even helped me pick out the perfect perfume! Initially, I was skeptical about AI, almost fearful, thinking it might replace us and automate everything we do. But as I started experimenting with it, I realized AI is more of a powerful ally than a threat. It has the potential to significantly enhance our productivity and make us stand out in our roles.  

Thanks to the encouragement from WorkBetterNow, I delved into AI, overcoming my initial reservations and turning what once was a fear into one of my greatest tools. Moving forward, I’m committed to maintaining a growth mindset, not just for myself but for my trainees and my entire department.  
Unsure on how to tap into AI? Rely on your digital-native workforce – They’re the ones who’ll lead the charge. 
To see how WorkBetterNow can connect you with AI-enabled RPs who can help streamline this integration, book a free 15-minute consultation with our expert team.


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