2. WBN Zero Liability Travel Agreement

When a remote professional or WBN staff travel for company-related purposes, it is the client’s/WBN responsibility to provide safe and reliable travel arrangements. This letter serves to clarify the conditions and parameters of a company-paid trip.

International Travel

  1. If a WBN VA/Staff is required to travel out of their country for business, the client/WBN assigned is financially responsible for all travel arrangements, including accommodation, transportation, visas, travel insurance, and medical expenses.
  2. International business trips must be authorized at least 1 month before the expected travel date.
  3. The VA/Staff is required to submit this form signed and dated one month prior the trip to their Success Coach.
  4. The client/WBN and the VA/staff will agree on a travel budget, and this travel budget must be signed off by the VA/staff and the client/WBN before the trip.
  5. The VA must adhere to their client travel policy.
  6. WBN is not responsible for any financial expenses or actions performed by the VA.

By signing this agreement, I Acknowledge the above statement and release Work Better Now for all travel liability.

Zero Liability Travel Agreement

Date created: February 2022

Last updated: April 2024

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