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Unleash Your Company With LATAM-Based Talent

unleash your company with LATAM talent

Work Better Now Co-Founder Rob Levin recently hosted a webinar to talk about how North American-based small businesses are thriving with Latin American (LATAM) talent.

It’s an interesting time in business today. Companies are very much in a state of flux due to economic headwinds, and business owners need to spend more time than ever navigating challenges such as ever-increasing customer and employee expectations, as well as the pressure of increasing marketing channels. 

“For many of us, we need more talent to meet these challenges and really harness change, rather than be a victim of change. At the same time, it’s harder than ever to hire,” Rob said. 

According to a survey done by LinkedIn, it takes an average of 42 days to hire someone—and the cost of a bad hire can be significant. As a business owner, finding top talent in the sea of potential hires is vital. Rob has found that hiring LATAM-talent has unique benefits that can put your business a step ahead. 

“At WBN, almost our entire workforce is LATAM-based talent,” said Rob. “We practice what we preach.” 

LATAM talent has strong written and verbal English abilities, cultural similarities, and a very favorable cost of living differential, which translates to a lower salary for US-based companies. They also work in the same time zone, which contributes to a more positive working experience for the talent and their client. 

CEO of RDS Delivery Services Larry Zogby has seven LATAM assistants from WBN working for his business, and he knows that “assistant” doesn’t quite cover everything that his talent is capable of. 

“The incredible level of talent goes way beyond assistants,” Larry said. “I am using WBN talent for roles such as inbound sales, customer service, and courier recruiting — just to name a few. Work Better Now and their team of talent is transforming my business every day.”

For other WBN clients, LATAM talent has filled roles such as marketing coordinator, project manager, sales development coordinator, executive assistant, and more. 

Julie Cruit, managing partner of Lotus Revenue and Brand Consultants, also appreciates the value her LATAM-based assistant brings to her business. 

“I would say, three months ago I was still doing probably 70% or 80% of the client work. Whereas now [my LATAM-based assistant] is actually able to do 60%-70% of some of that client work. So the end result is more strategic time with my clients and more business development for me as well,” she said.  

As Jack Daly once said, “If you don’t have an assistant, you are one.”

As a business owner, your time and salary are too valuable to be spent on administrative duties such as filing paperwork, setting appointments, and keeping track of projects. A great place to start with LATAM talent is by hiring an assistant and then expanding to different roles. 

“We started WBN with the belief that every business owner needs an assistant, and we still believe that to this day,” said Rob. 

WBN can connect your business with qualified LATAM talent, ready to work, in less than a month. Sign up for a 15-minute consultation today

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