Rethinking Talent:

An Updated Playbook for Today's Workforce

In this presentation, specifically tailored to small and midsize businesses, we aim to provide actionable insights and alternative talent sources to address the pressing challenges of today’s talent crisis.

We offer practical advice on how to retain, attract and reskill talent, as well as how to make the most of AI and automation. Additionally, we discuss the benefits of overseas talent and provide success stories from businesses that have successfully leveraged it. Finally, we also share best practices for implementing remote work.

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Alternate Insight: Exploring Talent Strategies

While we’re preparing the official recording of Rob Levin’s recent presentation at the 2024 EOS conference®, we invite you to watch a related webinar that complements many of the themes Rob discussed. This session, specifically tailored for companies running on EOS® and EOS Implementers®, delves into the challenges faced by US companies in the current talent market and outlines how leveraging overseas talent can not only address these issues but also propel your business forward. 

Although this is not the exact recording from the EOS event, it encapsulates key points and innovative strategies that were highlighted in Rob’s talk.

How EOS® Companies are Outsmarting the Talent Crisis with Overseas Talent

Watch this webinar to explore how EOS® companies are thriving despite the talent crisis by tapping into the overseas advantage. Gain insights into the US talent market challenges and discover innovative strategies for finding overseas talent, not only as a lifeline for your business but also as a potential source for an assistant.


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