7. Pay, Benefits, Paid and Unpaid Time Off Policy

7.1 Pay

7.1.1 Payments

Direct Deposit

Direct payroll deposit is the automatic deposit of your pay into the financial institution accounts that you provide.

Paycheck Deductions

  • Currency exchange is not covered by WBN.

  • If you have requested a leave of absence or unpaid days off, this will be deducted from your


  • WBN does not deduct taxes, each remote professional is responsible to pay tax in their

    country of residence.

    Monthly Payments:

    Most countries are favorable and scheduled for the monthly payroll, payment date is from 21st to 23rd of each month. In the event of any delays, please inform your Success Coach if you have not received your payment by the 23rd.

    All bank accounts in Honduras must be in USD and not Lempiras.

    7.1.2 Method of Payment

    Your method of payment will be disclosed and configured during new hire induction and will be set up for monthly payments.

    Every effort is made to avoid errors in your paycheck. If you find an error on your paycheck, please report it immediately to your Success Coach so corrections can be made as quickly as possible.

7.2 Benefits

7.2.1 Referral program

As you already know, we are constantly growing. Consequently, we are in constant need of talented people like you.

  1. Share this link for your referral to apply
  1. Recruit: Once your referral becomes a part of our team, you will be one step closer to receiving a referral bonus

  2. Reward: Receive a bonus of $200 once your referral completes 3 months of employment. If you have any questions about our referral process, please contact our team.

7.3 Vacation, Holidays and Paid Time Off

7.3.1 Vacation days

WBN VAs and Staff enjoy 10 business days off for vacation per year. You can take 5 days after 6 months or 10 days after a year. Vacation days need to be requested 1 month in advance and you need to have at least 6 months of tenure working with your client, or the same tenure working with WBN for staff positions.

If you present your resignation letter before 6 months of tenure you will automatically lose any vacation days accumulated.
If a VA loses placement, Success Coach will validate the Vacation days accrued for the time the VA provided services to the client and will suggest taking vacation time accrued before going back to the pool.

7.3.2 Holidays

US Holidays observed are:

  1. Memorial Day

  2. Independence Day

  3. Labor Day

  4. Thanksgiving Day

  5. Christmas Day

  6. New Year’s Day

7.3.3 Local National Holidays or Personal Days

As a benefit, you can take up to 4 days of the holidays observed in your country or use these days as personal time off.
You need to request these in writing 2 months in advance. You need to have at least 6 months of tenure working with your client, and you accumulate 1 personal day every 3 months.

You can only take one Personal Day or Local National Holiday at a time, unless otherwise approved by your client, or your manager for WBN staff.
If you present your resignation letter before 6 months of tenure you will automatically lose any personal days accumulated.

7.3.4 Sick leave

If you become sick, inform your Work Better Now Success Coach and your client. You have a benefit of 3 paid sick days a year, if you require additional days, you will not be paid for them. This benefit applies regardless of your client or WBN accumulated tenure.

7.3.5 Bereavement Leave

VA should send certified or official documents to get their payment for up to two days. Bereavement leave is a paid leave which is available to all VAs at the time of death or funeral of a member of VA’s immediate family such as husband, wife, child, mother, father, siblings, and grandparents.

7.3.6 Maternity/Paternity Leave

All VAs/Staff who have been with WBN for more than one year are eligible for half pay WBN base salary.

If the client is giving additional compensation, the amount will not be added to the calculation of half-pay for this period, VAs could leave on maternity/paternity for up to 2 months.

When a VA/staff has more than 3 years of tenure with WBN, they are entitled to up to 3 months of Maternity/Paternity leave.

7.4 Unpaid time off
7.4.1 Leave of absence for emergencies

WBN or your client may grant unpaid leave of absence (LOA) to WBN VAs or WBN Staff. Request a leave in writing as far in advance as possible, keep in touch with your Client and WBN Success Coach/Manager.

If your leave expires and you fail to return to work without contacting Work Better Now and/or your client, it will be assumed that you do not plan to return and that you have voluntarily terminated your contract.

WBN VAs must use all remaining paid time off balances before taking any leave without pay.

7.5 Tenure Calculation

Your tenure will be effective when you have a start date with a client.

If your contract is ended by the client and you are going back to the VA Pool, your tenure will stop counting on the last day you worked.

Once you get hired again, your tenure will resume.

Please note that during the time you don’t have a client, those days will not be considered or counted on your tenure days.

7.5.1 Vacations when going back to the VA Pool

If you are notified that you will go back to the VA pool and you have accrued Paid Time Off based

on tenure, you can:

  1. Take your available vacation/personal days, then start interviewing.

  2. Take your available vacation/personal days in payment and begin interviewing immediately.

If you have planned a vacation and you are going back to the VA Pool, while you are interviewing, please explain your situation to your client and come to an agreement.

7.6 Documenting time off

Team members may submit a time off request by sending an email to their Success Coach or the Homebase application. For WBN staff please send your approved request by your manager to Daniela Valencia dvalencia@workbetterbow.com
1. Client/Direct Manager approval must be included in the email

2. Success Coach will add time off in Homebase

3. VA will have visibility once days are added to the system


Pay, Benefits and Paid/Unpaid Time Off

Date Created: March 2021

Last Updated: May 2023

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