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How WorkBetterNow Recognizes Its (Remote) Team

Employee engagement is a key factor in the success of an organization. Taking time to recognize employees for outstanding work helps them feel valued, and increases their motivation, enthusiasm, and sense of belonging, which improves overall productivity. 

Why Employee Recognition Matters


According to research conducted by Wakefield Research for Blueboard, a survey of 400 employed Americans revealed that 67% say they don’t always feel appreciated for their contributions at work, and 42% of respondents say their company lacks a strong culture of appreciation.

While employee recognition is important for all workers, it is particularly vital for remote employees who can feel isolated or disconnected from their colleagues. As leaders, we have to put in processes that acknowledge and celebrate employees’ efforts. When done correctly, workplace recognition can be a powerful tool for motivating and engaging employees. It not only communicates the value we place on their contributions but underscores our commitment to their success.  

The W Awards: How WorkBetterNow Recognizes Its Team 


Being a fully remote company, we realized it was especially important to implement a formal employee recognition program. So in November 2022, we rolled out the W Awardsit’s our way of recognizing employees who go the extra mile. 

Any team member can nominate a colleague for a W Award when a WorkBetterNow employee goes above and beyond their duties. They complete a W Award nomination form, which includes how the employee’s actions are consistent with our core values. We review the nomination and once approved, we move forward with granting the award. 

We announce the W Award recipients at our Monday staff meetings so that our whole team comes together to celebrate them. The awardee receives a certificate and $50 in their next paycheck. 

These awards are more than just pats on the back; they factor into our team members’ performance evaluations, and there’s no limit to how many awards someone can receive. It’s all about giving credit where it’s due, and it reminds our team of our core values and how we are using them in our everyday work.

What Our Team Says About the W Awards

Fernando, a WBN Project Coordinator, said his W Award was not about the money, but “about recognizing and appreciating other people’s efforts.” Recently, Fernando helped a client with an IT issue, even though it wasn’t part of his day-to-day job.

The award was a surprise to me, especially since I don’t tend to help my team or anyone else expecting anything in return. I am so grateful to be a part of this crew.”

-Fernando Briceño said when he received his W Award.

Alejandra, a WBN Trainer, has received a W Award twice since joining WBN. Alejandra’s awards were earned through her exceptional service, pursuit of excellence, ownership mentality, growth mindset, excellent attitude, and putting RPs first (WBN core values).

These acknowledgments have meant a lot to me. They serve as a sign that I am on the right path and where I’m meant to be,” Alejandra said, noting she “felt very happy, highly motivated, and encouraged to do best!”

- Alejandra Cantillano said.

The W Awards have been a big hit with our team because we all want to feel like the work we do matters. “I really like this program since it acknowledges, motivates, and inspires me and my fellow team members. It strongly aligns with our value of putting our talent first,” added Alejandra. 

Recognizing team members is a game-changer for retaining top talent, especially in a remote environment. It doesn’t need to be fancy or costly, and the payoffs are worth it. Just spend a moment to let your team know you appreciate the high-quality work they do and value their dedication. It goes a long way in keeping your team happy and firing on all cylinders.

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