How WBN Talent is Increasing Productivity for Our Clients 

how wbn talent is increasing productivity for our clients

Business growth is reliant on productivity. And when a business is failing to meet benchmarks and goals, growth stalls. 

Poor hiring is one of the biggest factors for low productivity. Finding qualified, quality employees can be a long, difficult, and costly process, but WBN makes it easy. 

Our thorough hiring process will give you a team member who is not just a world-class, highly-skilled professional, but someone who is dedicated to helping your business succeed. Not to mention, WBN remote talent can generally be hired and onboarded in just 2-3 weeks and is a massive cost (and headache) savings in comparison to the traditional hiring process.

Our pre-vetted, top-notch remote talent is known for being driven and passionate about their work, and they have the attributes that are needed to be productive in today’s world. After speaking with clients to understand their specific needs, we hand-match them with a remote professional who has relevant experience, technology skills, and creative problem-solving abilities. 

Here is what a couple of WorkBetterNow clients have to say:

WBN client Ty Hagler, Principal at Trig, said, “I highly recommend WorkBetterNow and their Virtual Project Manager, Pablo. Pablo has been a great fit for our team at Trig. He has shown tremendous growth as a project manager. His skills have been instrumental in allowing me, as the CEO, to focus on growing the business rather than being consumed in day-to-day operations. The additional professional development provided by WBN’s coaches has been a valuable value-add, helping Pablo stay on track even when my schedule becomes hectic. Overall, I am extremely impressed with WorkBetterNow and the impact on our team.”

Peter Morandi, CEO at Eastman Cooke & Associates has seen his productivity skyrocket because of his WBN talent. He said, “We are at a point where productivity has not just come to a benchmark but has exceeded it thanks to our WBN talent.” 

We ensure that our talent provides excellent support for our clients throughout the onboarding process and beyond. Our workforce is currently exceeding expectations in roles such as executive assistant, marketing coordinator, project manager, customer service representative, and so much more.It’s time to make the change and power your business with a WorkBetterNow remote workforce to boost productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business environment!

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