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How WBN Talent Is Improving The Customer Experience For Our Clients 

how wbn talent is improving the customer experience for our clients

The customer experience is a crucial aspect of any business—and it’s getting more important to provide a top-notch experience every day. Due to The Amazon Effect, customer expectations are high, and smooth transactions, timely responses, and convenience are expected.

Focusing on the customer experience can lead to a 10% increase in net profit for businesses. When it comes to consumers, 73% believe that customer experience is a deciding factor when making purchasing decisions. So, hiring someone who has excellent customer service skills and is dedicated to helping your business succeed is essential.

Improving the customer experience can be done in a variety of ways, from gaining a better understanding of your customer to improving the quality of your product or service.

WBN remote professionals can also help improve the customer experience. For example, they can: 

  • Develop processes for customer interactions. 
  • Work as a dedicated customer service representative—especially if you don’t have one. This enables quick and efficient communication and faster turnaround on customer inquiries. And with WBN, it can be extremely cost-effective, too. 
  • Monitor social media.
  • Take tasks off your plate so you can focus on ways to improve the customer experience.  

They have a wide variety of skills, and many clients are finding that customer service is a common strength. Here is what WBN clients had to say about the WBN professional on their team:

Theresa Caragol Founder and CEO of AchieveUnite, is pleased with how her WBN remote professional cares for their clients. She said, “She sends an email to people and she makes them feel fabulous. She’s so caring and takes such great pride in the diligence and the details.”

Richard Shapiro, CEO of The Center for Client Retention, has had a similar experience with his four WBN professionals. He said, “Two of our [WBN] associates are Client Managers for some of our largest Fortune 500 accounts, one is a super data analyst and the fourth is both an administrative assistant and telephone interviewer. WBN has revolutionized how we manage and staff our business. We could not be happier!” 

Keith Kirk, Founder and President of Eveready Express, hired WBN Remote Professional Marina to help with the customer experience. He said, “We are very happy with Marina…she is very responsive and does a great job handling the accounts and creating orders. She takes good care of the customers and connects well with other team members.”

Power your business with the WorkBetterNow remote workforce to improve customer service, boost productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business environment!

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