How WBN is Integrating AI into its Company Culture

In the words of Peter H. Diamandis, MD, founder of the X PRIZE Foundation, “By the end of the decade there will be two kinds of companies: (1) Those who fully utilize AI; and (2) Those who are out of Business.”  

At WorkBetterNow, we appreciate the gravity of this statement. AI’s increasing capabilities, affordability, and accessibility will be revolutionizing many (perhaps most) industries… and soon. At the beginning of 2023, we decided that WBN has a huge opportunity to help expand our clients’ capabilities by AI enabling our remote professionals. But first, we need to embrace AI ourselves.  

Embracing AI at Our Core 

Our initiative started with a vision from Rob, my co-founder, who emphasized the importance of AI in our operational strategy. His first step was to encourage our management team to actively engage with AI tools. Every single member of our management team embraced the opportunity, and we will soon be sharing the results of their experiments as a part of our AI blog series. 

Over the first month, we held regular Zoom meetings where our team leaders shared their experiences and insights into AI utilization. 

We then opened these calls to all staff and encouraged them to share their AI experiments, and it was this collaborative approach that sparked the inception of our company-wide AI Show and Tell – an initiative that would set the stage for encouraging learning and innovation. 

Company-Wide Show-and-Tell Event 

Our AI Show and Tell has become a much-anticipated monthly event at WorkBetterNow. It’s where all team members get the opportunity to highlight their latest AI experiments and discoveries. We place a strong emphasis on the process of experimentation, valuing the learning experience over just the end results. Each month, our staff submits their AI projects, and our AI committee selects a diverse range of experiments to feature in each session. 

During the event, selected participants present their AI projects through screen sharing in a blend of live demos and presentations, emphasizing learning and outcomes. This event has become a key part of our culture, encouraging creativity and continuous innovation. 


Rewarding Experimentation  

The culmination of this event is not just in sharing knowledge but in celebrating it. We wrap up each event by handing out a WBN diploma and a monetary prize to the crowd’s favorite project. This award recognizes not just the innovative use of AI but also the embodiment of our core values: pursuit of excellence, growth mindset, and an excellent attitude. 



Building a Culture of Continuous Learning and Innovation 

We’re now bringing AI integration to our Remote Professionals (RPs). The launch of the WBN Academy is on the horizon, focusing on teaching practical AI applications, and other training courses to our RPs. This step is crucial for more than just skill development; it’s about enabling our RPs to use AI effectively to enhance the services they provide to our clients. 

You Can Do It Too! 

So, here’s the thing: if we can do it, so can you. Start by getting your team to dip their toes in AI, create spaces for sharing AI stories, encourage them to experiment, celebrate both the “losses” (which we view as steps towards success) as well as the wins, and watch the magic happen. We believe that by encouraging our team to explore and innovate, we are not just preparing for the future; we are actively shaping it. Embracing a culture that values experimentation and learning from every experience, whether a success or a setback, is key to fostering innovation and growth. 

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