How Successful Entrepreneurs Become Untethered

how successful entrepreneurs become untethered with gina paoloni

We were thrilled to sit down with Gina Paoloni, founder and CEO of the Gina Paoloni Group, a change agent and pioneer in elite corporate innovation. In this  #WorkingBetterNow interview, Gina shares her success stories and reveals the advantages and opportunities of becoming what she describes as “untethered entrepreneurs.” 

“From the beginning,I set my business up so that I can be free to do the most important things that only I can do, which are talking to potential and current clients and then doing fun things because above all else,I do believe that life should be fun.”

About the Gina Paoloni Group

We challenge our clients to think big and imagine what is possible. We use our proven methodology to help leaders look to the future and craft their most important long-term goals based on their vision–without ever sacrificing what needs to get done today. We get the dance between being strategic and tactical because we have done it ourselves, many times over. And more than anything, we know how to execute and get it done and we never, ever give up.

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