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Giving Your WBN VA a Bonus

Giving your WBN VA a bonus

We are often asked about bonuses for WBN Virtual Assistants. This comes as no surprise, as many companies do reward their staff with a bonus.

Most WBN clients pay bonuses to their VAs based on their performance and the exceptional cost/benefit they receive from their VAs. Many of our clients give a bonus to their VAs in the same way they do their other employees.

How much is customary? WBN clients pay bonuses ranging from $200 and $2000. Some clients give during the holidays, others give at other times during the year, yet some give throughout the year. In some Latin American countries, businesses give out a “13th Month” bonus which is equivalent to a month’s pay.

To give your assistant a bonus, email your Success Coach letting them know the amount. WBN will send you an invoice. Note that the VA receives 100% of the bonus. WBN will add a processing fee (4% if paid via credit card or 1% if paid via ACH). The VA will receive the payment on their next payday.

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