Giving Your WBN Remote Professional a bonus

We are often asked about bonuses for WBN Remote Professionals (RPs) 

Most WBN clients pay bonuses to their RPs based on their performance and the exceptional cost/benefit they receive from them. Many of our clients give a bonus to their WBN professionals in the same way they do their other employees; some do it at year’s end, and some do it throughout the year. 

Below, you will discover some frequently asked questions about providing a bonus to your WBN professional(s). 

Why should I consider paying a bonus to my WBN professional(s)?  

Providing bonuses – which are at the discretion of the client- can help to:  

  • Reward performance and show appreciation for a job well done  
  • Increase morale and, therefore, productivity  
  • Improve retention  

Is it mandatory to pay a bonus to my WBN professional?  

Bonuses, while not mandatory, are suggested.  

How much of a bonus should I give?  

WBN clients give between $200 – $2000+. In several Latin American countries, it is standard to give a “13th-month bonus” equal to a month’s pay.  

How much of my bonus will go to the WBN professional?  

The entire amount of the bonus that you pay will go to the WBN professional less:  

  • 1% if paying via ACH or 
  • 3% if paying via credit card  

When should I pay a bonus?  

Clients may pay a bonus at any time. Those bonus payments will be made to the WBN professional(s) in the pay period following the payment to WBN. 

How do I go about making a bonus payment?  

Sending a bonus payment is easy. Please email us with the amount of the bonus, and we will process the payment with the payment method on file. We will add 3% used for credit card processing fees and overseas payment fees or 1% if you pay with ACH. Your WBN professional will receive it on their next payment.  

If you have any questions, please email us at  

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