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delivering top-shelf client experience with chason hecht

Our recent guests Theresa Caragol and Jessica Baker are using their experience in the technology industry to deliver next-level partnering success for their clients. Their fully virtual business, AchieveUnite, empowers companies and individuals to create value-driven, lifetime partnerships and drive transformational business results. 

“We work with companies to advise them on the best routes to market and types of partnerships, and we also educate and do a lot of thought leadership around that as well,” said Jessica. 

Jessica and Theresa have “grown up” in the technology sector and have spent many years learning, improving their systems, and refining their processes to provide top-shelf service to their clients. 

To best serve their clients, they’ve built a diverse team with extensive experience in channel strategy, program development, go-to-market models, education and management coaching, and more. 

As a virtual organization, keeping their team connected is essential. Collaboration is the foundation of their operations — and they’ve mastered the art of it. With every engagement, event, and initiative, they learn and grow by conducting feedback sessions as a team. Collaboratively dissecting what worked and what didn’t is how they ensure they put their best practices into play for their clients. 

 “This helps control the quality that we are giving to our clients,” said Jessica. “We know we’ve iterated it to the point where it’s solid and it rocks the client experience every time. And after all of these years doing similar things for clients, we’re able to weave that back into how we engage so we know what our best practices are.” 

Theresa said, “Clients are at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is to make our clients heroes.” 

Jessica and Theresa are always striving to achieve new heights, and they’re thankful for the help of two WBN assistants who have become irreplaceable members of their team. Jessica said, “They’re the foundation and the backbone of some of our critical processes. When you have somebody that you know is capable and will be returning that quality to you and your clients, that’s really important.”

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