From Hiring Hassle to Expansive Business Growth

How Remote Professionals Upped One Company’s Game

One of the most difficult challenges of running any successful small business is increasing staff with short notice. And that’s right where The Center for Client Retention (TCFCR) found themselves at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.

The Problem: Filling Vital Seats

The small business, which provides customized research, training, and consulting to Fortune 1000 companies, had hit a growth spurt. But with a key staff member leaving, they faced a staffing crisis that threatened their momentum.

TCFCR was desperate for talent  — and quick. But not just any warm bodies. They needed specialists who could handle crucial roles in client relations, data analytics, operations, and more without missing a beat. Only seasoned pros with specialized expertise could immediately step in to boost productivity, deliver better client outcomes, and capture more market share.

Owner Richard Shapiro faced a pressing problem: He urgently needed more staff to keep up with rising client demand, and making the wrong hire could cost him. Shapiro knew from experience how arduous and error-prone the hiring process could be. He couldn’t afford another failed search.

The Solution: Hacking the Hiring Process With Remote Professionals

Knowing this is where WBN excelled, Shapiro engaged us for an on-demand talent solution. Within days, WBN identified and onboarded top professionals across three key roles:

“It was really easy to get excellent, specialized people. No hassle, no frustration,” Shapiro said.

The handpicked team integrated seamlessly into the business, allowing TCFCR to put its capabilities to use right away. With the expanded bandwidth, Shapiro was freed up to focus on strategic initiatives and provide the personalized attention his clients craved.

This smooth onboarding was thanks to WBN’s expertise in identifying professionals who were not only skilled but also a strong addition to TCFRCR’s culture. Rodrigo, the new client manager, brought strong customer service and tech expertise. Maria offered vital marketing strategy skills. Xavier shined as a personality fit who worked well with the team.

It was WBN’s job to find the people, and it’s my job to keep them... If someone wasn't working out, WBN found a replacement. It was a simple, low-risk way to acquire skilled talent.

- Richard Shapiro l President, The Center for Client Retention

The Results:

Integrating remote professionals into the TCFCR workflow exceeded expectations and improved operations almost overnight.

Heightened Productivity

Productivity surged with WBN’s remote professionals seamlessly handling key responsibilities.

Boosted Satisfaction & Client Management

RP's provided prompt responses, organized client databases, and improved overall client management, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing repeat business.

Improved Efficacy

With the right remote workers in the right seats, Shapiro and his staff worked more effectively and were able to devote energy to high-level tasks

Transformed Marketing Operations

The TCFCR now has a streamlined marketing operation, delivering quality work within deadlines, and optimizing market share from existing accounts

By leveraging WBN’s on-demand talent model, TCFCR strengthened its position as a trusted advisor to their Fortune 1000 clients. And there’s more success to be found. As TCFCR’s client roster rapidly expands, they plan to hire more remote professionals through WBN. 

Transforming Business Operations

“I’ve been in business 35 years, and many times we’ve interviewed 20 or 30 people and gone through hundreds of resumes to hire one person. WorkBetterNow is just so easy. The talent we hired are client managers, they’re my analysis team, my social media team, my marketing team, etc. It’s a major benefit of the talent pool that WorkBetterNow has, that we were able to say we wanted somebody with PowerPoint skills and within a week, we had a god of all gods of PowerPoint users!”​

Richard Shapiro

President, The Center for Client Retention

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