How WBN Remote Professionals Enabled 11% Revenue Growth

Transforming Operations for a Top Delivery Service in Just Six Months

Key Results

The Challenge: Hiring Skilled Talent to Keep Up With Demand

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, one of the New York City area’s top-tier delivery services, RDS Same Day Delivery, faced an uncertain future. As an essential business, RDS was allowed to continue operating throughout lockdowns. However, the company still took a significant financial hit, with gross sales plummeting by $2 million almost overnight. 

To CEO Larry Zogby, rebuilding the business with a skeleton crew seemed impossible. Facing losses of over $166,000 per month, RDS was forced to lay off 50 employees just to stay afloat. However, there were still orders to fill and clients to serve. New contracts were starting to trickle in as well, providing a lifeline – but only if RDS had enough staff to fulfill the work. 

Zogby had to act fast. He needed the boots on the ground to make deliveries happen. But he also required people “inside” the office to support the business and keep everything operating smoothly.    

The Solution: Unlocking Potential By Hiring Nearshore Remote Professionals

Facing pressing talent needs and limited local hiring options, RDS decided to explore new solutions. Zogby turned to WorkBetterNow, an approach he had previously underestimated. He had never considered hiring remote talent for his business because he was unaware of the range of skills they offered, such as sales, marketing, customer service, and more. “I always heard [about WBN]. But I didn’t understand how they recruit [talent]…and make it productive when they’re in other countries and time zones,” he said.

Consulting with WorkBetterNow proved to be a game-changer. One of his first hires was executive assistant Diana, who single-handedly took him from nearshore non-believer to remote professional evangelist. Diana handled everything Zogby threw her way in a high-stress time. She was quickly integrated into the company and soon felt as much a part of the team as anyone.  

Following the success he saw with Diana, RDS recruited eight more remote professionals from WBN to fill urgent openings in customer service, sales, dispatch, and more. And with every hire, Zogby continued to be impressed by their strong capabilities, diverse skills, and the value and positive attitude they could provide.  

As soon as one professional got settled into a role, Zogby discovered they would have additional capabilities that he didn’t initially recruit them for — and he put them to good use. As he put it:

“I didn’t know how capable they [WBN professionals] were. It’s such an easy sell…There’s another skill set I never knew they had.”

- Larry Zogby l President , RDS Same Day Delivery

The Result: Over $60,000 Incremental Inbound Sales Per Month

In just six months, RDS’s remote team delivered impressive results including:

Revenue Generation Through Internal Mobility

Three WBN professionals transitioned from customer service roles to inbound sales positions, playing a key role in driving 11% revenue growth.

Enhanced Fleet Safety and Operational Efficiency

WBN safety operations representative, Javier, streamlined operations as a new fleet manager, boosting driver safety scores by over 90% and reducing accidents down to just one in a single year.

Elevated Executive Assistance

Originally hired for customer service, Diana was promoted to executive assistant where she streamlined and managed the hiring and integration of remote workers

Together, the team has driven over $60,000 per month in incremental inbound sales, a number projected to grow as more promising remote talent trains into the role. WBN’s nearshore talent has maximized quality assurance, overseen fleet safety, and handled specialized sales and administrative tasks for a company whose success hinges on a skilled, productive, and engaged workforce.

Most importantly, WBN remote professionals gave RDS the agility and capacity to restart growth for the same-day delivery service after the pandemic standstill. As the company continues evolving, its growing global talent pool remains a competitive advantage.

The fastest way to scale a company is through people. So if the leader can create the right culture and coach and mentor these people and they feel a connection, you can scale

- Larry Zogby l President , RDS Same Day Delivery

Thanks to the remote professionals hired through WorkBetterNow, RDS is confident it can scale its virtual team to support RDS’ expansion plans.

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