How a WBN Virtual Assistant Unlocked 33% More Time and 90% Faster Turnaround

for a Growing Construction Company

Key Results

The Challenge: Improving Operational Efficiency While Maintaining Service Quality

Rafael Salazar, owner of South Florida-based restoration company Enviropro USA, was at a breaking point. His schedule was constantly bogged down by calls from insurance carriers and backlogged paperwork, all while fielding evolving customer needs. Add on juggling schedule management, client communication, and business development, and it’s easy to see why Salazar was working long hours with little time to focus on growing his business — let alone enjoying any work-life balance. 

Maintaining exceptional customer service remained a top priority for Enviropro. But this was also becoming a struggle for Salazar’s stretched-thin team. Inefficient manual processes and clunky workflows were impeding their ability to deliver high-quality service in the field.

Feeling overwhelmed at his relentless to-do list and recognizing Enviropro wasn’t reaching its full potential, Salazar made a change.

The Solution: Streamlining Operations With a WorkBetterNow Virtual Executive Assistant

Salazar partnered with WorkBetterNow to tap into our talent pool of skilled nearshore virtual executive assistants. After a brief consultation to express his needs and one streamlined round of hand-picked candidate interviews, Salazar found his solution in Christina, his new virtual executive assistant:

She does everything that used to stop me from doing the things I should be doing — being on the street and seeing my clients, making sure everything's running correctly, and obviously building new business. One of my best decisions was to bring Christina on board.

- Rafael Salazar l President of Enviropro USA.

In her executive assistant role, Christina quickly integrated into Enviropro’s operations, streamlining administrative tasks like:

Additionally, Christina supported two project managers in offloading administrative tasks so they could spend more time in the field providing the hands-on customer service Enviropro’s clients expect.

She handles everything from calls and scheduling to social media and even graphic design.

- Rafael Salazar l President of Enviropro USA.

The Results: Fast, Operational Excellence, Increased Work-Life Balance, and Business Expansion

Within one year of hiring a virtual executive assistant through WorkBetterNow, Enviropro USA experienced significant improvements in its operations.

Decreased estimate turnaround times by 90%

In the construction industry where quick answers can lead to increased revenue, this timesaver was a game changer. “With Christina handling estimates, it’s made us a lot more efficient and much better than all our competition.”

Freed up 33% of Salazar’s time in the office

By delegating tasks like fielding calls from insurance carriers, making appointments, and processing paperwork, Salazar no longer had to work late nights and weekends playing catch-up.

Improved Client Service

Christina enabled the Enviropro team to engage with clients in the field by streamlining communications and administrative workflows and delivering unparalleled customer service.

Accelerated Business Growth

With an executive assistant managing all administrative responsibilities, Salazar gained valuable time to focus on generating new business opportunities, fostering client relationships, and driving company growth.

This transformation allowed Rafael Salazar to shift his focus toward scaling the business.

Hire Your Own Executive Assistant with WorkBetterNow

Are you facing similar challenges in your business? Learn how WorkBetterNow can help you overcome crippling operational inefficiency and free you up to focus on and enjoy the best parts of owning your business. Book a consultation today.

Transforming Business Operations

My experience with WorkBetterNow has been transformative for our operations and personal work-life balance. Hiring Christina as my executive assistant proved to be a breakthrough, with her taking on the administrative load, resulting in estimates being sent within 30 minutes of client visits, far outpacing our competition. This shift has not only spiked our service delivery speed, giving us an ‘Amazon effect’ in promptness, but also allowed me and my project managers to focus on core tasks, improving overall business efficiency. Christina’s role has been vital in affording me more personal time to unwind or cherish moments with my family and new granddaughter, truly embodying what remote talent from WorkBetterNow can deliver.

Rafael Salazar

President, Enviropro USA

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