Building a Productivity Army

building a productivity army with peter morandi

The #WorkingBetterNow Series features business leaders like Peter Morandi, CEO of Eastman Cooke Construction, a leading NYC-based general contracting and construction management firm. Peter was looking for estimating and project management assistants to streamline their detailed work with subcontractors. 

How do we become more effective and more productive on the things that really push the needle on our projects?”

The Eastman Cooke team now consists of a concentrated project team of WBN Assistants that have become an integral administrative function, handling complex scheduling, financial arrangements, and detailed planning. The team’s productivity has not only increased but they are now exceeding their benchmarks.

 “We love when our subcontractors say,  ‘you’ve got an army of people don’t you?’”

About Peter Morandi & Eastman Cooke Construction

Eastman Cooke is a full-service, turn-key general contracting and construction management firm. From corporate facilities and retail shops to schools, hospitals, laboratories and more, we approach each project by first listening to you, our client. Your vision drives everything we do.

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