How To Onboard Your Clients The Right Way

by Anne Miranda
Published October 18, 2021

Client Onboarding and Communication

For this month’s #WorkingBetterNow update, we heard from Rich Shapiro, Founder and President of The Center for Client Retention, an expert in brand loyalty, customer experience and retention.

We asked Rich about his experience working with small and mid-sized businesses to learn what is the right combination of questions to ask in customer surveys and how does a company use that data to actually improve client retention? 

So, whenever you have a new contact within your client’s organization, you have a new company. You have to start the process of really welcoming them, teaching them about your business and building that relationship. And a lot of companies don’t do that. And that’s when they lose clients. Might not be that second, but maybe a year or two years when the contract ends, that’s the end.”

About Rich Shapiro and The Center For Client Retention

My focus is to help people be more successful. An impactful career has given me proficiency in uncovering opportunities that companies have not discovered to increase either market or wallet share. As Founder and President of The Center For Client Retention (TCFCR) I am a leading authority in the areas of brand loyalty, and customer experience & retention. An essential growth strategy is to maximize the relationships with your existing customers. 


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