Align Authenticity and Strategy to Accelerate Revenue Growth

In business today, there are two keys to accelerating revenue growth: net new business and cross-selling more to your current clients

“Most businesses are good at one or the other,” said Darrell. “When you get net new [business] and cross-selling going at the same time, you now get the hockey stick effect…exponential revenue growth.”

During his career in the office technology channel, Larry experienced firsthand how developing relational networks directly affected his revenue growth. “The more people I knew inside my current accounts, the better off I would be,” he said. 

Larry grew his network by building relationships of value. He calls his strategy leaning in, but Darrell noted it could also be called giving a rip. Building relationships of substance not only led him to cross-selling more to his current clients, but it also naturally extended his network and gained him net new business. 

Clients don’t buy products and services, they buy the outcomes that those products and services enable. Leaning in and learning what outcomes your clients want can help you understand what obstacles they face. From there, you can create a meaningful, focused marketing message that caters to their needs. 

Larry and Darrell are seeing great success with their client’s growth—and growing quickly themselves. 

Their business eventually grew to a point where they became overwhelmed and they knew they needed to hire more help to unleash their business. 

“We were getting deep in the weeds that prevented us from revenue-generating activities like producing our podcast,” said Larry. “And as we brought new clients on we were onboarding them, and then pretty soon we had this wake-up call that this is preventing us from growing this thing.”

They hired Carmen, a WBN Virtual Assistant, who has undoubtedly helped them take their business to the next level. 

“Bringing in Carmen immediately expanded our capacity,” said Darrell. “It was like someone went through and decluttered my mind. That has led to a lot of the innovation and ideas that are going to allow our company to scale.” 

Since then, they’ve continued to expand their team and grow their client base. And the duo looks forward to the innovation ahead. 

Watch the full video to learn more about aligning authenticity and strategy to boost sales and grow your business. 

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