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A Road Map to Getting Unstuck

a road map to getting unstuck with leanne chu

Our recent guest on #workingbetternow, Leanne Chu, CEO of Chu Consulting, said that her favorite activity outside of work is immersing herself in unfamiliar places and figuring out “how they work.” Leanne was referencing her love for travel, but she approaches her work with the same attitude. 

Through Chu Consulting, Leanne helps executives and organizations achieve measurable and meaningful transformation. She uses coaching-based consulting for change management, team and culture building, and operational optimization. 

In short, she helps leaders and businesses who feel stuck, move forward. She dives deep into an organization’s culture and values to help them overcome hurdles and reach their goals. “I provide an actionable and sustainable road map to help them move forward with clarity and focus,” she said. 

Her ultimate goal is not only to create the map but to make sure it will be adopted and sustained by the organization she’s working with. “I really take pride in trying to empower and build within. I don’t come with the ideas,” she said. “I use an interactive facilitative style to really unearth a lot of the issues so that we’re creating solutions together.”

She works with each of her clients on the issues they’re facing right now. Otherwise, she finds that solutions are too theoretical and difficult to implement. “I really try to work on something that is a business goal. And through that, I can actually achieve different levels of change…and once they start adopting that [change], they start seeing different results.” 

Her work goes beyond cleaning up business processes and focuses largely on the leadership style of executives and the culture it creates. 

 A leader has the power to drive culture and affirm core values within the organization, which shouldn’t be taken lightly. “Your employees are very much picking up on how you manage… [a leader’s] actions drive everything. It drives culture, and it drives decision-making, and it ultimately drives [the organization’s] identity in the end,” said Leanne.

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