A Leading Corporate Consultant on Breaking Down Barriers to Results

#WorkingBetterNow features business leaders and their inspiring stories. We sat down with a preeminent thought leader in the area of diversity, equity & inclusion, Olivet Jones, Founder and Managing Director of The Felicity Group, LTD. Olivet shares how her WBN Virtual Assistant was an important match to her higher-level work in a fast-paced entrepreneurial setting. 

“The world has changed. Technology has changed. I met someone who was running a global business from his phone and doing very, very well. I’ve kissed a few frogs in the virtual space but then I came across Work Better Now. There are many things I like about it and it’s a brilliant business model.”

About the Felicity Group Ltd. 

Olivet Jones is an IDI certified Coach for the assessment and development of intercultural competence based on the Intercultural Development Inventory. Olivet also continues to lead the niche coaching practice of a full-service consulting firm she founded more than 28 years ago. She is a preeminent thought leader in the area of diversity, equity & inclusion.

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