How WBN Talent Helps Companies Improve Their Employer Brand

how wbn talent helps companies improve their employer brand

A strong employer brand will help you attract top talent and establish a strong identity as an organization. Your employer brand encompasses your organization’s mission, values, culture, and personality; it’s how you differentiate yourself in the labor market.

The fact of the matter is, a strong employer brand is a big component of business growth. And, it’s a top-ranked quality for job seekers today. It’s reported that 87% of professionals say having pride in the company they work for matters; they seek out organizations where they can find a sense of belonging, receive benefits over perks, and feel support from the top. 

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or senior executive, your employer brand starts with you. 

Free Up Your Time

How do you achieve a strong employer brand? The first step is to make it a priority. Dedicate your time to improving company culture, benefits, and employee engagement. If you haven’t prioritized your employer brand yet, it’s likely because you don’t have the time. 

A WBN remote professional can take time-consuming menial work off your plate and allow you to focus on strategies that help cultivate a positive work environment and culture. They can also help promote initiatives related to an improved employee experience and keep track of employee wins to be celebrated. 

Germaine Smith-Baugh, Founder and CEO of The Urban League of Broward County, is thankful that she’s able to trust her WBN assistant Annie to take care of employees and clients while Germaine focuses on other important aspects of the business. “In one day, [Annie] calendared five very instrumental meetings,” she said. “Pre-Annie, this would have taken me weeks to do because I’d be doing it all myself. Totally inefficient…not the best use of my time. And because she’s dealing with all of that, I can think. I can move on and trust the process…And I think I took that for granted prior to having that experience with her.”

Theresa Caragol, CEO of AchieveUnite, said, “My WBN virtual assistants are doing high-value work. I’m really focused on how do I get my revenue-to-employee ratio up and I think having them in here is going to up that number for us and our productivity. And so it’s giving me flexibility and available bandwidth.”

Cultivating a strong employer brand takes time and commitment—but it pays off. Companies with engaged, happy employees see increased productivity, resulting in 21% higher profitability for their company.  

Freeing Up Your Team 

Often, there are additional roles that you know will help reduce your team’s stress but might be otherwise cost-prohibitive. With WBN, you’ll get high-performing employees based in Latin America at a relatively low cost (due to a lower cost of living). WBN remote professionals can take tasks and pressure off your team’s plate which will help improve the customer experience overall. 

For example, if customer service is handled by other employees on an ad-hoc basis, hiring a WBN professional dedicated to customer service could pay off. It will improve the customer experience and allow your other employees to focus on the specialized work that makes their job enjoyable—which naturally improves employee satisfaction and your employer brand.

Employees Benefit from Growth

A growing business provides employees with more opportunities. Some WBN clients are seeing increases in revenue by adding WBN professionals to help with revenue generation. 

WBN remote professionals have the skill set to be successful in a variety of tasks and roles in the workplace that ultimately increase revenue and scale businesses. They’re currently working in roles ranging from inside sales to marketing coordinators to business development associates and more. 

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