The James Bond approach to defining successful core values for your company

defining successful core values for your company with alana winter

This #WorkingBetterNow edition features a fun Q&A with entrepreneur Alana Winter, executive coach and leadership team facilitator, as well as founder of MI6 Academy. Alana shares her insight into how organizations can gain more clarity on higher values and purpose, while navigating through new working environments and the great resignation. Undefined and empty values statements can lead to cynical and under-motivated employees, as well as undermine management credibility and turn away customers. Employees are rethinking how and where they want to invest their energy. 

“Think of it as your James Bond training camp for teams. I bring in the kinds of people that would train James Bond, CIA, Navy Seals, and Israeli Mossad agents. It’s a super fun program where you learn all of these crazy skills, from stunt car driving and shooting weapons, to hand-to-hand combat and deception detection. It’s really about the adventure element, self-confidence and empowerment.”

— Alana Winter

About Alana Winter and MI6 Academy

Alana Winter is a serial entrepreneur, creative thinker, and guide on the path to self-aware leadership. A master at helping others unearth their roadblocks, Alana runs retreats, workshops, and one-­on-­one trainings to help transform the lives of business leaders and their teams. Her unique efforts have helped thousands of people worldwide become their best selves.

Visit Alana Winter to find out more. 

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