Preparing Our Team for the AI-Driven Work Revolution

Most business owners I know have at least dabbled with AI, and a few are integrating AI into their company’s processes. AI’s increasing capabilities, affordability, and accessibility are driving transformation across a variety of industries. Peter H. Diamandis, MD, author of The Future Is Faster Than You Think and founder of the X PRIZE Foundation, didn’t pull any punches, writing:  

By the end of the decade there will be two kinds of companies: (1) Those who fully utilize AI; and, (2) Those who are Out of Business.”

Peter H. Diamandis, MD

AI Works For Every Business

With so many applications, AI offers us opportunities to automate tasks, make better decisions, and improve customer service, setting the stage for how we all compete in the marketplace. Our mission here at WorkBetterNow has always included expanding the capabilities of our remote professionals (RPs) and clients alike, and there is no doubt that AI is a major cornerstone in doing that.  


In order to train our RPs in AI, we needed to give it a try ourselves. This past spring, every WBN department began experimenting with AI technology. Our goal was to learn how to use AI, and now every department is utilizing AI in some capacity – and some are seeing great results, which we will start sharing shortly. 

After using AI for several months, we have a better understanding of how it works and its benefits. Now we can begin to train our RPs so they will be in the best position to help our clients leverage AI for their businesses. 

Coming Soon: The WBN Academy 

In 2024, we will be launching the WBN Academy, which will provide continuous education for our RPs. Because AI technology will significantly transform all of our businesses, AI will be a central theme of our initial continuing education programs. Our goal is to educate our RPs on how to use it with our clients in practical ways with immediate and long-term impact. Ultimately, we want to enhance our clients’ capabilities via AI.

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