4. Grievance Policy and Procedure

1. Purpose and Scope

1.1 Work Better Now recognizes that misunderstandings or grievances may sometimes occur. It is important that these grievances are resolved as quickly and as fairly as possible to maintain good working relationships. In most cases this can be done on an entirely informal basis. However, there are occasions when a more formal approach may be necessary. Work Better Now is committed to ensuring that VAs and Staff feel able to raise any concerns they have in a safe and appropriate environment. The scope of this procedure applies to all staff and VAs. Informal resolutions will be considered at the outset and at all stages of the process as appropriate.

2. Stage 1 - Informal

2.1 If you have a personal grievance about a work-related matter, you should discuss it with your Success Coach as soon as possible in the first instance and try to settle the matter promptly through informal means. Alternatively, if your grievance relates to your Success Coach, you should discuss the matter on an informal basis with the Director of Success Management.

Alternatively, you can set your grievance out in writing and your complaint should be titled “Formal Grievance” and sent to your Success Coach. If your complaint relates to your Success Coach your complaint must be sent to the Director of Success Management via email at dcruz@workbetternow.com. If the grievance cannot be resolved informally, it should be raised using the formal procedure set out on the next page.

3. Stage 2 – Formal

3.1  If your complaint remains unresolved following the informal stage of the procedure, or if you were unable to raise the matter informally, you should set out in writing the basis of the grievance or why you wish to revert to formal process in order to clarify the issue(s) involved and forward to WBN Support via email at support@workbetternow.com This should be made as soon as reasonably practicable following the incident you are complaining about.

3.2  A grievance meeting will be arranged to consider the matter, allow you to provide further representations and to try and reach a solution. This meeting will take place as soon as is reasonably practicable following receipt of your written grievance, subject to any prior investigation which may be required.

3.3  Following the grievance meeting, the head of the department will prepare a summary of your complaint, their decision and the solution(s) proposed (if any). A copy of this document will be provided to all concerned.

3.4  You will not be penalized, formally or informally, for voicing a complaint to WBN in a reasonable, business-like manner, or for using the problem resolution procedure. Retaliation against a WBN VA/Staff utilizing this procedure will not be tolerated.

Grievance Policy and Procedure

Date created: September 2022

Last Updated: April 2024

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