How a Virtual Assistant Enabled 32% Growth in One Year for One Small Business

Aigner Chocolates, one of the oldest and most esteemed chocolate shops in New York City, is helmed by third-generation owners Rachel Kellner and Mark Libertini. The 93-year-old shop has grown its business through retail, online sales, and corporate partnerships. 

Despite being a successful business with a full-time staff, including a head chocolatier, store manager, front-of-house manager, and additional staff, Rachel found herself overwhelmed with the number of administrative tasks. 

This resulted in less time to focus on strategic tasks that grow the business and, most importantly, spend quality time with her family.

Rachel wanted to take control of her time, maintain excellent customer service, and fulfill her commitments. With a complex web of responsibilities to manage, Rachel needed a reliable solution.

The Solution: Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Rachel found her answer in Vivian, her personal assistant from WorkBetterNow (WBN). Vivian quickly took charge of Rachel’s inbox, calendar, and follow-up tasks and communication, allowing her to breathe, focus on the big picture for her business, and enjoy her personal life more.

Even better, Vivian didn’t just do her job; she owned it. When Rachel was in meetings or calls, Vivian stepped in seamlessly, ensuring everything was in motion. Rachel sums it up best, 

What's really allowing us to grow and expand is me having an assistant. I feel like I'm in 10 different places at once!

- Rachel l President/Owner Aigner Chocolates

Realizing the Impact of an Assistant

Bringing in a virtual assistant from WBN was a game-changer for Aigner Chocolates. From 2022 to 2023, Vivian’s role at Aigner Chocolates has given Rachel the space and time to grow their revenue stream to the tune of 32%, primarily by focusing on one aspect of the business that really drove growth: Corporate sales.  

In Rachel’s own words, “She manages my inbox and calendar…So she gives me the chance to delegate energy-consuming tasks, freeing me to grow the company.”

Vivian’s can-do spirit and strong work ethic meant faster customer responses and a well-managed schedule for Rachel. This made a world of difference, freeing Rachel to focus on expanding the business and having time to unwind with her family.

Rachel’s praise for Vivian’s attitude and commitment speaks volumes. “Her attitude is just so unbelievable. That work ethic is tough to find.” Moreover, the impact on her personal life has been immeasurable, “She’s literally given me my life back.”

The proper support can make a meaningful impact on business operations and personal life, a discovery Rachel found as sweet as her chocolates.

For results like Rachel and Mark at Aigner Chocolates, schedule a consultation. 

"My WBN assistant, has transformed my life. Once you experience this level of support, it's impossible to imagine going back. It's like night and day, a different world. I'd work late into the night and every moment I could on weekends. Having an assistant has literally given me my life back."
Rachel Kellner
Presiden/Owner Aigner Chocolates

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