• 48 Tasks a virtual assistant can do for you

    Every Business should have an assistant

    Calendar Management

    1. Coordinate and schedule calls and appointments

    2. Confirm appointments

    3. Provide reminders about calls and appointments 

    4. Reschedule calls and appointments

    5. Provide notice of schedule changes to others 

    6. Protect time

    7. Send and maintain a “pending list” 

    8. Inform significant others when you will be out of town

    9. Screen emails

    10. Add people to contacts

    11. Update people’s info to contacts

    12. Add contacts to CRM


    Phone Tasks

    13. Perform light receptionist duties

    14. Transcribe voicemails



    15. Research flights

    16. Research hotels

    17. Book flights and hotels

    18. Research transportation options

    19. Book transportation

    20. Arrange for events

    21. Suspend newspaper or mail


    Business Development

    22. Research leads on LinkedIn

    23. Find email addresses

    24. Design presentations



    25. Assemble reports

    26. Help to recruit employees



    27. Maintain the books

    28. Create and send invoices

    29. Chase down payments


    Personal Errands

    30. Make personal restaurant reservations

    31. Make purchases

    32. Research and send gifts

    33. Manage the logistics for your hobby

    34. Track down problem orders

    35. Manage the family calendar

    36. Schedule medical appointments

    37. Pay personal bills

    38. Call stores to get information



    39. Fill out online forms

    40. Take notes from webinars

    41. Convert files

    42. Conduct research

    43. Set up projects in your project management system

    44. Handle file management

    45. Schedule social media

    46. Proofread and edit letters, blogs and presentations

    47. Maintain a virtual assistant manual

    48. Customer Support

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