Growing a Construction Team with WorkBetterNow Remote Professionals

Enviropro USA is a construction company specializing in commercial projects, insurance claim work, and condo association projects. The company is led by Rafael Salazar, who is dedicated to delivering high-quality services to clients while efficiently managing insurance carriers and paperwork.

Rafael Salazar aimed to enhance operational efficiency, improve client communication, and free up time to focus on business development. By partnering with WorkBetterNow and utilizing their dedicated virtual assistants, he sought to streamline construction operations and achieve better outcomes for Enviropro USA.

The Challenge

Enviropro USA faced challenges in schedule management, client communication, and business development. Key objectives were simplifying workflow, maximizing team potential, and providing exceptional customer service.

The Solution

Enviropro USA collaborated with WorkBetterNow to leverage their skilled VAs with expertise in construction. The VAs seamlessly integrated into the company’s operations, supporting various tasks:

Schedule Management: VAs efficiently handled calls from insurance carriers, managed paperwork, and ensured an organized schedule.

Client Communication: VAs promptly responded to client inquiries, delivered proposals in a timely manner, and facilitated effective communication with insurance carriers.

Business Development Support: VAs assisted in generating new business opportunities, fostering client relationships, and expanding Enviropro USA’s market share.

Proposals: VAs draft and execute proposals.

The Results

Enhanced Efficiency: With VAs managing calls and paperwork, Enviropro USA experienced increased operational efficiency, allowing for focused attention on core activities.

Improved Client Satisfaction: VAs provided prompt responses, organized client databases, and enhanced overall client management, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increased repeat business.

Streamlined Operations: By delegating administrative tasks to VAs, Enviropro USA achieved better workflow management, delivering high-quality work within deadlines.

Business Growth: With VAs handling administrative responsibilities, Rafael Salazar gained valuable time to focus on generating new business opportunities, fostering client relationships, and driving company growth.


Through the strategic utilization of WorkBetterNow’s virtual assistants, Enviropro USA successfully transformed their construction operations, achieving enhanced efficiency, improved client satisfaction, and streamlined workflow. The collaboration between the in-house team and VAs created a synergistic approach, resulting in better outcomes and positioning Enviropro USA as a trusted leader in the construction industry.

“Working with Christina as my assistant has been a game-changer for my construction business. She not only handles calls and scheduling but also takes on social media responsibilities and assists with tasks like estimating and graphic design. It’s allowed me to delegate important tasks and focus on growing my business while knowing that everything is being handled efficiently.”
“With Christina handling tasks like dealing with insurance carriers and sending out proposals, it enables me to be more efficient with our clients and focus on generating more business. It has definitely freed up my time and allowed me to avoid working late nights trying to get everything done.”
Rafael Salazar
President of Enviropro USA

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