Constructing Operational Excellence

Enviropro USA's Partnership with WorkBetterNow.

Key Results

The Challenge: Juggling Schedule Management, Client Communication, and Business Growth

Rafael Salazar, the leader of Enviropro USA, a construction company specializing in commercial projects, faced multifaceted challenges. With responsibilities ranging from schedule management to client communication and business development, Salazar needed to enhance operational efficiency and client services while also finding time to focus on growth opportunities.  

Enviropro USA’s schedule was constantly bogged down by calls from insurance carriers and a backlog of paperwork. Furthermore, the need to maintain exceptional customer service put additional strain on the team. It became clear that manual processes and disjointed workflows were inhibiting the company from reaching its full potential.  

The Solution: Streamlining Operations with Skilled Virtual Assistants from WorkBetterNow

Salazar took the initiative to partner with WorkBetterNow to tap into their pool of dedicated virtual assistants specialized in construction.  

One of my best decisions was to bring Christina on board. She handles everything from calls and scheduling to social media and even graphic design.

- Rafael Salazar l President of Enviropro USA.

The virtual assistants provided by WorkBetterNow seamlessly integrated into Enviropro USA’s operations and began contributing in the following areas:  

The Results: Operational Excellence and Business Expansion

In a relatively short span, Enviropro USA witnessed significant improvements: 

Enhanced Efficiency:

The virtual assistants enabled the team to focus on core construction activities by taking care of administrative tasks.

Improved Client Satisfaction

The timely and organized approach to client communication led to higher satisfaction rates and repeat business.

Streamlined Operations

WorkBetterNow's virtual assistants helped in adhering to deadlines and maintaining a smooth workflow.

This transformation allowed Rafael Salazar to shift his focus toward scaling the business.

Christina has been a game-changer. With her handling key tasks, I can focus on client relationships and business development without worrying about operational bottlenecks

- Rafael Salazar l President of Enviropro USA.


WorkBetterNow’s remote professionals have not only helped Enviropro USA streamline its operations but have also set the stage for sustainable business growth. The synergy between the in-house team and the virtual assistants from WorkBetterNow has positioned Enviropro USA as a trusted leader in the construction industry.  

Working with virtual assistants has freed up my time and allowed me to avoid late nights trying to get everything done. It's a win-win

- Rafael Salazar l President of Enviropro USA.

Want Results Like Enviropro USA?  

Are you facing similar challenges in your construction business? Learn how WorkBetterNow can help you achieve similar results.  

Transforming Business Operations

My experience with WorkBetterNow has been transformative for our operations and personal work-life balance. Hiring Christina as my executive assistant proved to be a breakthrough, with her taking on the administrative load, resulting in estimates being sent within 30 minutes of client visits, far outpacing our competition. This shift has not only spiked our service delivery speed, giving us an ‘Amazon effect’ in promptness, but also allowed me and my project managers to focus on core tasks, improving overall business efficiency. Christina’s role has been vital in affording me more personal time to unwind or cherish moments with my family and new granddaughter, truly embodying what remote talent from WorkBetterNow can deliver.

Rafael Salazar

President, Enviropro USA

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