What You Need to Know About Scaling Your Business

by Work Better Now
Published September 14, 2021
In this #WorkingBetterNow interview, we talked with Nick Herinckx, successful entrepreneur and founder of Bluefield Results. Bluefield Results grew out of a mission to help entrepreneurs scale their business, find the success they want, but without sacrificing personal fulfillment along the way. We asked Nick to tell us more about scaling pains and how to successfully keep up with the growth of a business. “As both the visionary and the integrator, I get to come up with the vision, and I set aside specific time to be in that mind space, and to do that. And then I essentially act as my own kind of manager, and execute with my ops manager and the assistant. And I look at, essentially, what the hourly rate would be to do the activities that I’m doing, and I’m spending my time, and basically take the lowest hourly rate and fill up my team’s time first, and then I do what’s left.”

About Bluefield Results

Bluefield offers coaching services to CEOs & founders, helping them successfully scale their business and reach their full potential without sacrificing personal fulfillment along the way. Bluefield supports its clients through both 1 on 1 CEO coaching as well as nationwide CEO peer groups. Through Bluefield, Nick has coached 100s of CEOs worldwide, and currently coaches over 40 one on one. I currently coach or have coached unicorn CEOs, multiple Forbes-listed top CEOs and leaders running the nation’s fastest growing companies.

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